You know, I really love a good cup of tea!

Growing up, I’d watch my Grandma gently remove the tea bag from the steaming teacup of hot water, twisting it around her polished silver spoon to capture every last drop of the tonic dripping from the teabag. She’d place the crumpled remains on the saucer and daintily stir in two teaspoons of sugar and a plop of cream–later I learned that that was how the British drank their tea. She’d place her cup and saucer on the table, covered with a lace tablecloth and then gather up two or three tea cookies-which she would later use to gingerly dip into her tea and nibble away.

This scenario always plays in my head when, today, I think of making myself a cup of tea (which is daily). There are plenty of days when I wish I had the time to retrace my Grandma’s tea time routine, however nowadays, that’s not always the case. Typically, it’s reserved for when I enjoy holiday tea time with my youngest son at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago (they often host holiday teas for families). Rest assured, I’ve come up with a tea time solution. It’s a bit different than Grandma’s but, it makes me feel just as lovely!

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