Poetry, the Biggest Emotion of All

In a world filled with daily events both happy and sad, we tend to gravitate toward understanding the world. As we do so, we think about our own issues and what makes our thinking move. In the book entitled, “Serenity at Two Lights and Other Social Issues” written by Ronna DeLoe, she has pointed out her own experiences and experiences of those who have been through rocky times.

She has thought about our world and individual view points as time has progressed throughout her life. Ronna also has seen the harshness and love that have both enabled her to view her ideas and understanding about people and cultures. Again, the emphasis being placed in both good times and in not so good times.

As an attorney, musician and writer, Ronna has been able to capture the most unusual understanding of emotions that portray human compassion. She caters to the two-legged animals and the four-legged animals. “Find a Cure” was based on a true loss pertaining to pancreatic cancer and how life can be taken so quickly like a blink of an eye. “Senseless” whose role I am currently working with is based with a compassion unit for schools throughout the world. “Love” self-explanatory and ironically, “Friends Forever.” This perhaps is one of my favorite poems. Ironically, the ending changed when a friend returned from the past to be there for a friend who mutually walked down a different path. During this time their lives went separate ways. Sadly enough, it was a loss that took place and brought the two friends back together. While they were brought back together they learned their friendship had never died but was just placed on hold for over 15 years. The ending of the poem reflects the inner love that never died. Due to that phone call, the ending of the poem was changed. Similar to that particular poem, I found a connection with “Kindred Spirit” to intertwine with “Friends Forever.”

Then recently I was asked by a very close family member, “What is the meaning of existence” My family gathered together as we thought about the meaning of the question. Is there a right or a wrong in this question? Is there a specific answer? What do you think? What is the meaning of existence”?