The world looks at her

And turns their heads

All they see

Is a lost prostitute


She puts on her make-up

And straps on her heels

Accepting her life

Hope died long ago


Anxiety attacks her

She inhales a crushed pill

Her body’s not hers

If you pay his price


She was seven

Her first time on the streets

The game isn’t new

Why can’t they see?


13 years later

The story continues

Addicted, abused and out of control

She’s completely numb now


Death is imminent

If she makes a mistake

Her smile is the

Mask she must wear


She’s tired now

Longing for just one person to see

She wants to be innocent

She’s aware of what she really is


Will she ever

Be worth more than sex?

Months go by and

Another pimp she finds


For years she’s clung

To the same old lines

She tries so hard

She yearns for her taken innocence


At 20 years old

She finally has support

One person listened

As she poured out her heart


Safe for 8 months

And it all goes down-hill

It starts back in the clubs

Later a new customer calls


She swears to herself

Never to try again

But hope whispers quietly

“Just one more time”