Reiki Healing and How it Works

Many light workers in the ‘Holistic Field’ are familiar with REIKI. And yet many of those who could benefit greatly from it, are not aware of its presence and potential. REIKI is a sacred Healing Art that originated with Mikao Usui in the EAST. It is a wonderful healing process by which the Healer has the honor of channeling the “Christ/Buddhic energy and the Healee receives this wonderful comfort on a Soul Level. The effects on the Soul level then transmit to the Physical Body and the Mind, and that’s where the magic truly happens!

We all need a “Big Hug” from the Creator every now and then. REIKI hugs you through and through. It also gathers up any toxins in the body, which is why a certified Reiki Healer will advise you to drink LOTS OF WATER after the process. We as healers can only facilitate the ‘gathering up of these toxins’.  It then becomes your job to literally ‘flush them out’.

Choosing REIKI is a private decision made by you and only when you are ready. You can expect a wonderful, uplifting experience. No two people have ever reported the same thing. It is personal and you receive and experience what your Soul & Body need at the time.