Releasing Yourself from The Mind Trap

There will always be those who may not celebrate your success….  They have no power unless you get caught up in the Venus Mind Trap.

On my journey to deliberate creating, I have discovered that friends and family don’t always feel the same enthusiasm toward my success as I do…

And I’ve discovered something else……  It doesn’t matter!

As things begin moving (which they do when you are focusing), for example;

Things are going well, you’ve achieved something you’ve been working toward, you are beginning to see evidence of your own power as a deliberate creator…..

And then you run into that person, who not only doesn’t celebrate your success, but also secretly wishes you would fall flat on your face.  The space between you and this person is where the Venus Mind Trap lies, waiting for the opportunity to feast on your confidence.

I have some good news!

You are stronger than your fear, and the only way fear can hurt you is if you hand over your power and welcome it inside the door of your mind through doubt.

We tend to get caught up in how others think or feel about us and when you practice giving your power away, which you do every time you let what others do affect how you feel!  It’s like handing the master-key to your circumstances over  to chaos and despair, leaving you stuck in the grip of the Venus Mind Trap and feeling powerless.

Bob Proctor shared a profound lesson when he said “There’s no secret to making friends, just be friendly!”

If your friends aren’t supporting , encouraging or celebrating your life with you….. IT’S OKAY!  You can make more friends!

Take back your power over your own mind and your own life – and all that is required is a decision.  You have come a long way, don’t let others knock you off course.

Be You, and just remember – no matter how many mind traps you run into;

They are powerless when you stand firm in your belief that YOUR SUCCESS is ONLY DETERMINED BY YOU.

by Stephanie Kathan

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