Running Away from Home is Not Just for Kids Anymore

And I did just that. I had been noticing that life was kicking me around and it felt like whoever was in charge was pushing my head under the water on an hourly basis.  And I was getting real bored with feeling like one more push would propel me in to becoming some raging lunatic.  And I know, I know that some of you already know me as the adorable mad woman.

So I ran away.

To Cape Cod.

beach view

For a week to stay with my friend, Esme, who had been featured in one other blog about how we can’t get old because neither of us will grow up. So you know shrimp forks and linen napkins were not going to be part of our daily lives unless we ran out of plastic and paper first.

The trip up there was a great start to granting myself a little chill time. I took the train since it is advisable that I don’t try to leave long Island by way of all those nasty roads where you would find most of the drivers are ”suicidal while texting.” I think after nearly going to the great highway in the sky, my life is much sweeter without me screaming behind the wheel of a car.

And life is different when you leave New York and I found my “the world does not go at the speed of elizabeth” attitude needed some adjustments.

And copious amounts of wine were a good way to slow things down since who wants to spill good wine. BTW – we did not consume good wine. We just pretended. A hell of a lot of the time.

A serene setting with a mind that does not shut off ever presented quite a challenge. But I was determined to s-l-o-w down. I think there is something to ingesting ocean air and sitting everyday and watching the sun settle down for the night that can reset our minds and bodies. But I think I gained seven pounds, so I will be having a stern talk with my body. Right after I take a deep cleansing breath.

I did not go near Twitter while I was away but I did peek at Facebook to see if I would be forgotten if I did not post every 30 seconds. I was, but talking to a Facebook Anonymous leader is helping me work through this snub.

After a few days, it was time to go towards something that would help me find me again. And sometimes it did not involve wine.

Being with a friend that knows nearly all your secrets can make for a safe haven. Finding out that your oldest friend liked kissing your boyfriend during a heated battle of spin the bottle can give you a sense that now you are both even. He wasn’t that good a kisser.

It was a pleasure to just sit and watch nature entertain us. Who needs reality TV when you just don’t know what the sun and the clouds are up to on a daily basis. It was 168 hours of feeling sun kissed and cooled off by Mother Nature. Thanks, Big Mama.

I am now back in my old world and so far I have not noticed any of the old twitches. Yet. But when I do, I will do my best not to give into it.

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