Fear can be a sneaky emotion set out to cripple a human being in a second. You can combat the fear by realizing you have a choice to run from it or face it head on. Here are four ways you can choose to defeat your fear and move forward toward your dreams; gratitude, personal power, support and perseverance.

1) Gratitude –Fear loves to feed on the unknown in your life. It breeds question upon question of “what will happen if…” until you are frozen and stuck.  Inevitably, fear will prompt you to think the worse of a situation until it makes you decide you shouldn’t do what you want to do.  Starting with gratitude shifts your focus from fear to possibilities. Every moment is an opportunity to rise up and move from fear to gratitude.

2) Personal Power – You are in control of what you do during the time you have in your life. Don’t forget you have the key to get out of the prison fear wants to keep you in.  You are here for a purpose here on earth and this fear isn’t something that is going to stop you from completing your purpose. You are in control over the choice.

3) Support – Share your experience of fear with others. Your light that is placed on this earth at this time is here for a reason. You are here to share your purpose with others to possibly help them from their fear or pain. You can share your uncertainty with others and you may find out others who have been through it and can give you advice. Recognizing the lesson in the experience allows you to help others who are going through it once you have made it through.

4) Perseverance – Take one step at a time. It doesn’t mean the pain or fear will never try and come back, but it is important to face it instead of running from it. Each time you are up against fear and you make the decision to face it and go through it, you give yourself a unique opportunity to learn something new about yourself.  The past is a reminder of those things you have already been through and gotten through tough times before and you are here, you can get through this too.

Fear can be defeated if you come from a place of gratitude, remember your power, find support and know you can persevere through it. Each time you decide to defeat fear of doing something, you gain the knowledge, strength, and courage in realizing you can do what you did not think you could do before it happened. Now go defeat your fear!