You Laugh at the wounded

You spread around lies

You claim to be “annointed”

There’s only darkness in your eyes

You call yourself a “pastor”

My friend your just a fool

You tell everyone you loved me

But my body was your tool

“Man of God” I bind you

May you not even hurt a few

May your lies be your demise

You can never turn back time


You called me your “whore”

You called me your “slave”

But “Honey” I’ll haunt you

If I’m first to my grave

You were never the hero

But only the prey

May your words be only few

To the end of your days

You sacrificed the wounded

You only let people see your “fame”

You claim to “save” the tortured

But the abuse you bring’s the same

Your sacrifice will not suffice

Soon your demons will arise

You will be the fool



So “Man of God” be careful

The darkness WILL arise

And when it tries to fight the light

You will lose your precious disguise