Hello Beloved Guru Friends!!

Last Friday December 16,2011 marked an important milestone in Guru history. It was the last LIVE show of the year and we are so honored to share with you all of the wonderful details about it-we went out with a bang! Kirtan artist Girish, known for his funky flows and beats that stir the soul, was on the line with us for the first half of the show. He shared everything from letting us in on what keeps him inspired as an artist to why he was coined the “Little Drummer Boy” when he was just a young boy.
We were also joined by Yoshi Aono, founder of the Hanuman Festival, in honor of a beloved flying deity. Co-host Jessica Durivage was live from Yoshi’s living room as we talked shop about last years Hanuman Festival and what we can expect for Hanuman 2012. He also talked with us about the Seva work he does, like his recent trip to Haiti, and what it means to him to live a life of service. He really put great meaning behind the definition letting us know that no act of service is to small, and there are things we can do each day to make our contributions to the world around us and the people in it.
Yoshi Aono: “Seva as a word, I never really knew the term Seva. I had heard it before over the years but I was in the process of going on these humanitarian trips and being of service around the world and someone walked over to me and said oh we love your Seva and I looked at them and said well what the hell is that? A lot of the Yogic philosophies speak to me because I grew up in an immigrant Japanese household where there are a lot of Buddhist philosophies going on. Once I started practicing Yoga it really fit. It is within you it’s a calling to give back. In the beginning of this interview we talked about how we have so much abundance around us and it’s nice to be aware that there are other people that can use some help. If you can get out there, you don’t have to go to Haiti, Africa, just get out there and help your neighbor, find something that speaks to you and give back. It comes back tenfold.”

To listen to the rest of the show, please click here.

Well friends 2011 was a year of great abundance and we are so blessed to have your wonderful support and camaraderie. Happy holidays to everyone and we will see you again in 2012. Namaste.

“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.”
― Rumi