His belly rotund
his laughter robust
this strong and gentle man
sits shaving a block of wood
he seems never to tire
he works endless hours
around the clock
tick, tock
tick, tock
his beard the color of snow
his cheeks a red rosey glow
eyes so blue…
they bring comfort to you
whittling, filing
painting and smiling
364 days a year
He shouts for his reindeer!
Come Dasher and Dancer
Prancer and Vixon
Comet and Cupid
Donner and Blitzen!
Now just waiting
for Rudolph’s red nose
to light up the sky
Toy’s for all!
Good girls and guys!
He shouts from a moonlit sky
Ho! Ho! Ho! He bellows
with that Santa sparkle
in his eyes
all his hard work
all those long hours
all for a smile
of a child!

Written by my good friend at Permission given to share.