Seven Ways to Leverage Your Skills Into an Amazing Business

This question keeps popping up this week so I just had to post!

Danielle LaPorte’s ( ) Spark Kit asks,

“What do you think your form of genius is?”
“What are you amazing at?”

Many respond: “my courage, my kindness, my caring, my personality, my sense of humor” and then kinda scratch their head… “but how do I leverage these qualities in my business?”

More often than not, our best strengths are not necessarily skills or special talents but just our PRESENCE. When people feel comfortable around you, expressing affinity towards you… we tend to overlook that great strength. Sometimes we take our natural gifts for granted or do not view them as strengths and forget them when in pursuit of our worldly career expression/expansion.

The question becomes, “How do I use ME in my business?”

First, let’s take a step back and recognize…PASSION.

Yes, those people with the gleam in their eye and I’m not talking the greedy gleam of $$$$. I’m talking about those people who are SO passionate about what they do that you can barely keep your eyes off them.

Whether they are public relations professionals, performers, light workers, teachers, artists, healers, leaders…It doesn’t matter WHAT they do, it’s HOW they do it that makes them magnetic.

Have you ever noticed that by just being in the “presence” can affect you positively? Or consider the flip side, people with tons of negativity. The negativity can translate into increased anxiety and fatigue when you are around them.

People vibrating a certain tone, energy or quality just seems to “uplift, energize, galvanize, heal, soothe” you or others. That’s why walking your talk and living your truth is so important.

When you are living what is in your heart, you are unstoppable. You are plugged into the Source, the purest emanation and others will seek you out. By loving yourself with all you’ve got, with all your mind/body/spirit, you will be the lighthouse that brings those ships (clients) home to themselves, to their love, their light.

I know that my presence heals, soothes, and inspires without saying a word. People have told me. I feel it. It’s because of the energy I am bringing to the table. Like attracts Like. Frankly, that’s why I am involved in certain activities and groups. I want to be surrounded by people on their purpose and in their passion emanating what I am cultivating in my own life and what I am evolving my life to be.

Every time I read a post, it makes my heart sing & my soul expand…I am at the right place, with all the right people, gathering power for each person to shine forth their passionate purpose in their own lives and for the world.

Cultivate your own love, your own self-care, live your truth, fall off the wagon & get back on…this will draw those that are meant to work with you. Don’t feel you have to be perfect to be a teacher, coach, salesman, police officer… NO SUCH THING.

We are perfectly imperfect. Those things we often think are imperfections hold the nuggets of soul lessons & wisdom we need to learn and dare I say…teach? They say that we teach what we need to learn, and I believe it. It took several years for me to become an expert, plus some more to stand up without fear and say I am one : )

It is my deep conviction that we are born with everything we need for what we are meant to do. That means that we have the right vehicle (body) the right amount of humor and capacity for growth. Now, what we do with what we are given is up to us.

Everything you need is WITHIN you already. Life draws people, circumstances, and situations that allow for the growth of our organic soul seeds, for the development of our truest nature. I’ve been a cheerleader all my life, looking at the bright side and always, always feeling that sacred connection to the Divine. I wrote a letter to God/Great Spirit/the Universe when I was 19 and asked to be a vessel for inspiration, communication, healing and growth.

The word I was searching for was transformation. I didn’t know it at the time. Life took me through many a maze and the bottom line was that I SERVED wherever I was. As a guide and facilitator, I was doing what I do at every job I’ve ever had! It didn’t matter the title. I was assisting people to release the past, step into their own SHINE, be who they dream of being and live their heart’s desire.

I am growing everyday and reaching different levels of understanding. There is truly so much for me to learn about business, etc. People are inspired by REAL stories, real journeys of loss, love, wisdom. The more we risk, learn & live the more we have to offer. People relate to overcoming struggle and facing the usual human obstacles. I am good at dealing with my client’s issues because I have been there in so many ways. Everything that you have experienced…good, bad or even ugly, has honed you for this present moment of pure possibility. If you ask yourself…you know that all the true power lies in the NOW.

1. Find out what you are AMAZING at
2. Honor your GENIUS by loving/accepting yourself
2. Go out and DO IT!
3. Hone your GIFT– give it away
4. Keep your focus on SERVICE
5. Accept your expertise and get PAID
6. Do what you LOVE
7. Keep growing and SHARE the joy

Now do us all a favor…and GO Be AMAZING!

We are waiting for YOU!

Originally published February 24, 2012