Spirits Connect with Us in More Ways Than you Can Imagine

It was only until I began having validations that I was able to determine that spirits connect with us. They make it known that they are there. They work through electrical components, turning them on and off, televisions that turn on without a remote control in the vicinity, finding dimes and pennies and locating significant songs for us listen to on the radio while driving.

When my grandmother’s apartment was cleared out in Manhattan shortly after she crossed over, My family closed the door for the final time and proceeded to return home. While driving that evening, a car drove by with the numbers 814 on their license plate. This was her apartment number. Shortly after, I went to the bank to get a safe deposit box. I wanted to gift my daughter with a bond given to me and turned it over to her from her great grandmother. The only vault at the bank that was available was box number 814. I stared in astonishment and knew my grandmother was happy that I acknowledged her. Can you think of some of the ways your loved ones who have crossed over have connected with you?

Year’s back, I was going through some difficult times in my life and I went to visit my dad on a cold rainy day. I stood by his grave and asked him to show me a sign that he was there. As the tears fled onto my cheeks and I sat on the wet grass, a care keeper asked me if I were okay. I replied, “yes” he let me be alone to continue to spend my time with my dad. When my visit was over, I returned to my car, saddened, but I turned around and there approximately five gravestones away from my dad’s stone, stood my dad in a physical form. It felt as though it was a dream, but to my surprise it was not. He dressed in a plaid suit with his face as clear as could be and thick black hair. His ectoplasm released and as quickly as he appeared he disappeared. It felt as though dad were standing there for at least five minutes. It was as though he were confirming that he heard me and I was surprised because usually I see the thickening of the air, but my dad had allowed his ectoplasm to allow me to physically view him. Since I was nine years old when he crossed, my mom confirmed that indeed the plaid suit he wore was his favorite.

Spirits of our loved ones and spirits of ghosts connect with us in many ways.
Ghosts are not bad souls, just souls that are stuck. It was over twenty years ago when I ventured into my friend’s home in Douglaston, New York.  Sarah asked me if I were able to feel anything in a particular room upstairs. I entered the room and I felt as though I did not belong there. I opened the closet door and was physically forced backward and preceded to be pushed out the door of the room. I know it was a spirit who attempted to frighten me, but I also knew this spirit or ghost was not able to move on. I felt it was the presence of a male and he did not want anyone in this room, but wanted his privacy. Sarah had done some research at the library and learned that there was a soldier that was killed at war, who loved his family and grew up in this home.This explained why Sarah awoke and would see a soldier in her room on occasion looking down at Sarah when she awoke. These spirits are stuck and are in between worlds. There are people like ghost busters who specifically work with these spirits to enable them move onward to the other side.

My first year of college I went to a small school in Haverhill Ma. There were several stories about people who committed suicide at Bradford College. One freshman girl, who attended the college shortly after Shirley Temple was there, had hung herself above my room. I lived on “Red Carpet” in Academy Hall. It was late that Halloween evening, when a group of friends decided to visit my roommate and me. We spoke about the Tupelo Bridge that always felt spooky when we walked over it. Not that it was foggy but that there was a strange unexplained feeling that each one of us felt usually at night. We spoke about the library where we all spent much time studying and recalled when books would just fall off of the shelves. Shortly after we spoke about Ghosts, the light in my room turned off and we heard strange sounds from the vacant room upstairs. At this point we decided to throw my blanket over our heads and curl up together on my twin-sized bed. It was clear to me that there was something but something that made me feel uncomfortable. That evening a senior whose room was directly across from my room began to scream. Jackie was spooked since her light went out and when she went to open the door her doorknob came off of the door and when she went to use her phone it was silent. The lights eventually went on in my room and about two hours later in Jackie’s room.

Years later I wrote for “Pearson Allyn and Bacon” a publishing company in Boston Ma. The gentleman that I worked with told me all about Bradford College and told me they brought ghost evaluators into the college and it was written up that Bradford College was haunted. It did not surprise me any but I soon learned that the school was closed and was made into another college. I had transferred to a University in New York, but always remembered my first year at Bradford College in Haverhill, Ma. Although I had fond memories of Bradford College, I recall asking my mother, “Why did you send me to a haunted school?”
There are spirits in hospitals that are not ready to cross over and try to latch on to people in the physical. It is not something you want. It is something that needs to be protected within you.

There are other spirits that are aggressive and demand attention. The spirits that I work with are those who have crossed over and are eager to reach their loved ones. Yes, some have those who have committed suicide and others were killed in accidents but I do not center my work on ghosts. They are spirits that need specific guidance in moving toward their next destination, acceptance and peace.


Originally posted December 21, 2011