Good Morning Dazzling Divas!

I just emerged from the land of dreams and the sun is just starting to rise here in the land of New Mexico.

While my body is still protesting loudly through full wide armed yawns, my Inner She, Human Mind and Energetic Heart are all pumping to go, doing a bit of grooving to a song singing within my system. It’s the sounds of my Soul beating a rhythm which I know well… my energetic body humming the melody… ahhhh it’s my Spirit Song.

Have you ever explored what your song sounds like? Sound is a universal tool, one that goes beyond time/space and has been used for mystic healing and spiritual practices since our ancient loved ones walked this plain (maybe even since your last time dancing through this realm). It is a Language unto itself expressing emotions, harnessing magick, igniting healing and passing on messages from the cosmos to our human self.

And like a fingerprint we all have our own unique tones which meld together to create a melody… Our Soul Song.

If you are curious to uncover what your song sounds like, I have a simple, fun and playful exercise to share. So set a side a few moments in the next day to be a Soul Child and play with the nature of your being:

– Venture out into nature and just like a child become inspired by the leaves around. Find ones that draw you and collect a few up.
– Lay the leaves out on paper and intuitively trusting yourself (remember, relax, smile, play!) move them until it feels right to you.
– Get out glue or some tape and stick them into place.
– Close your eyes, take a beautiful breath and relax.
– Breathe in deeply directing your breath to your inner ears 5 times; you’re energetically clearing them.
– Breathe expanding your awareness and begin to listen more deeply to the sounds within you.
– Reopen your eyes and focus on the layout you have made with the leaves.
– Breathe smiling inwardly (and outwardly), open your ears and allow each leaf to sing a note for you.
– Notice the first sounds that stand out for each leaf, no judgement just pure awareness.
– Practice the note touching the leaf. You may notice all red leaves hold the same note, or perhaps those of certain shapes or sizes do.
– Breathe, allow yourself to be filled by the notes. If you like sing them out loud.
– Begin to put the notes together (don’t worry about how you sound to you; your guides think you sound as sensual as Barry White ;-)
– Allow the sounds and song to become a part of you, sink deeper into it.
– Close your eyes and allow it to continue, you may find yourself singing loudly or rocking gently with a song playing simply on your heart.
– Savor it… feel it… you’ve begun to experience your unique Soul Song.
– Notice the energy through your body (and Chakras)… it will enliven… expanding, dancing within you.

Allow this song to grow, expand and embrace you…., witness the uniqueness of it… beautiful isn’t it? and it’s all you…

Continue to practice your song, sitting in Meditation, doing dishes, dancing around the room… It is a stunningly rewarding exercises you can simply to your spiritual practice. I find it calming when I am overly energized, revitalizing when I need a boost, it can lift my heart and cause me to laugh out loud for the simple joy of it and it helps me to ground, centre and find my source when I need to just let go and observe life’s absurdities.

Practicing your Song also honors your Soul, saying “I’m listening, I hear You… I love “You/Me/Us!”. It will bring multi dimensional rewards including the simple developing of a deeper relationship with the Divine You.

If you would like to go even deeper into the realm of Sacred Sound from your Soul, contact me, I’d love to help you tango with your Self to beat of your own inner drum.

With love and a sexy shimmy,

Alessandra Sagredo, Spiritual Hedonist