I recently saw an ad on TV in which a smiling young model assures us that SPLENDA is healthy.  How can they dare do this? Are they out to destroy us with lies just to make money?

SPLENDA is very cleverly latching on to people’s concerns about sugar, and falsely stating that their product is not only safe, but good for you. You may be wondering how they can get away with a ridiculous claim like this.  Well, the answer is simple… they simply added several synthetic, non-caloric vitamins, and, voila… they can say that their product is healthy.

BEWARE!  Ads like this are very seductive, and very destructive.  As people become increasingly interested in optimum health and weight loss, companies will do anything to get you to believe their hype and buy their products.

The dangers of sugar  have been known for years, and people involved in health and Organic eating have avoided it in favor of honey, maple syrup, barley malt, date sugar, molasses, etc. (I promise to expand on these in another blog… too complicated to go into now)

However, the dangers of sugar substitutes are only now becoming widely known. It is for this reason that I want to share some facts about fake, chemicalized sweeteners with you.  I suspect it comes as no surprise that both Coke and Pepsi (the Sugared as well as the Diet ones) are riddled with chemicals, GMO’s, and toxic substances. But you’d never know it from their slick ads.

The budgets to advertise these sodas are huge, and even pre-schoolers recognize their labels and begin clamoring for them. Who can resist a drink that promises to makes you happy, alive and can even keep you awake! They are shown as being harmless harbingers of JOY and HAPPINESS. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So what can you do?

1. First, READ LABELS VERY CAREFULLY… and I don’t mean the fancy claims on the front of the packaging. The real story is listed in teeny print elsewhere on the package, or even tucked away in a fold.

2. Second, enjoy using sweeteners that are chemical-free, low on the glycemic scale, totally safe and even nourishing.

3. Which ones are they? Stevia and Agave. (But be careful which ones you buy, as many companies are now adding them to their other fake/toxic sugar substitutes, capitalizing on your desire for healthier products)

Cutting edge information on health has always held enormous interest for me.  In future blogs, I’ll be thrilled and honored to help you achieve a healthy, youthful, sexual life.

Also, PLEASE, submit comments, suggestions… even criticisms!

Yours in health,

Holistically Hattie