We all ask why and when and how could this happen.  I don’t have any answers better than I just know and believe God knows what He is doing.

When Smokey was in the sticu at the hospital after the motorcycle accident, I prayed and prayed for God to please make him okay, make him better, make him better than he use to be.  He wasn’t getting better, in fact, they didn’t really believe he would make it.  After many weeks of change, only for the worse, I made the choice to take my hands off and give Smokey to God.  I had to release my hold on him.  It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.  Whatever happened, happened.  I placed it all in God’s hands and trusted whatever the outcome, I would know and believe and trust in Him.

It is not what I planned, is it not what I asked for or what I hoped.  Smokey is not the same.  His body is not in good shape.  But his heart and his mind are better than ever.  Smokey is awesome!

God is Awesome.

He can make beauty out of ashes….