We see it everywhere…the “Miracle” of Botox. The TV screen flashes images of young, smiling faces, with nary a wrinkle in sight. All of a sudden, you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror, disgusted with every line, wrinkle, or any other imperfection, real or imagined.

It should come as no surprise that there is no such thing as perfect skin. Even babies have frown and forehead lines when they cry. The only way for skin to appear perfect is by covering it with make-up. This doesn’t change anything, but it does give the look of younger, clearer skin by hiding imperfections.

I often say to clients, “Change the drapes and the sofa looks old.” Consider this. Do you want a Formica face — one that is expressionless and without character? Now, with Botox, you are not hiding your frown lines, you are allowing the muscles that control natural facial expressions to be paralyzed with a toxic substance.

Yes, that’s what’s happening. Botox stands for Botulism Toxin. While an injection of Botox will effectively eliminate several lines or wrinkles temporarily, it is doing so at the expense of your health. The liver must process all toxins that enter the body, and if it is bombarded by botulism, it may become overtaxed and unable to keep up its job of maintaining your well-being.

Not only that, it’s no one-shot deal! Injecting the face even once sets you up for  a future of ongoing, costly visits to your dermatologist.

It’s been said that before 30 you have the face that Nature gave you, and after 30 you get the face you deserve. Aging certainly results in lines and wrinkles that are etched onto the face. But are they to be despised?

The only way to say “no” to  Botox is to truly honor your own unique beauty. Only when you master that will your face glow with gratitude and appreciation. The beauty and grace that I now posses is actually shocking for me. Here I am, at 75, without surgery and shots being viewed as a world-class beauty. Go figure!

We each have within us the capacity for Exquisiteness of Being. Therein lies eternal youth and beauty.

And you deserve that!