It is an amazing and miraculous time to be alive.  The vastness of the cosmos, the acceleration of time, and the higher energetic vibrations are awe inspiring.  It is truly an epic time to be alive, to be fulfilling soul destines, and to be part of ‘tribes’ that serve to lift us all up together.

Are you not feeling it?  Your work not awesomazing?  Don’t feel you are able to work at your full potential?

You are not alone.  Many are out there feeling the vibrations lift and feeling like they are being left behind.  The energetic flow passing right by their entrance making it ‘seem’ like you have to work harder and longer just to get by.

So what is really going on?

It is you.  Your own energy may be blocked, stuffed, or knotted up.  It may be bound up within its matrix.  This can be past experiences, current beliefs, or old patterns that are leaving imprints on your personal energy signature.  So when the flow hits your energy, it is repelled.

You may actually be creating a signature that has imprints refusing to allow attractive, free flowing, and abundant energy.  Pause for a minute and think about the people who you see around you that seem to radiate, live these amazing lives, and work in their soul fields of desire.  They have created their desired reality.  Got them pictured?  Now really look at them, what is it that they have that draws people to them, drew you to them?  Some sort of spark or glow about them?  They have opened their flow to all there is – a luminous edge factor. These imprints, blocks, clusters, or knots are collected in your energy field beneath your consciousness.   Every single person has them – even those who seem to have that glow magic.

The other half of the story, besides these imprints, that detract the flow of energy.  These are energetic interferences.  These can be from others having imprints that cause lower vibrations to pulsate out.  Being around others who have not cleared their own flow for long periods of times can cause severe interference with your own energy, and can actually create imprints that suck the energy from others.

How can you protect your energy?  Simply clearing out the imprints and avoid interferences can protect your own energy matrix. While this is only the first step, it is vital.  I liken it to syncing your internal IPod to the Universal energy.  By syncing up your energy matrix with the higher vibrations that the Universe is pulsating, you can create a shield or bubble around you.  This bubble maintains a clear connection to the Universal energies.  It is simple – seems too simple – but remember it is only the first step. Within this bubble, even the process of cutting cords or imprints is done simply and gently.This bubble is going to stretch from the cosmos and beyond all the way down to the center of the earth.

Imagine having a beam of radiant energy surround you where ever you go and whatever you do.  Life becomes awe-inspiring and miraculous almost overnight.

Begin by closing your eyes and taking three deep inhaling breathes and allow the oxygen to fill you deeply before exhaling.   See a ball of luminous light descend from the cosmos and watch as it is met with a ball of luminous light ascending from the center of the Earth.  The two meet together forming a radiant beam.  Inhale deeply seeing this ball of luminous light move into your solar plexus – your center.  Feel the warmth as the light radiates down to stretch back into Mother Earth.  Feel the warmth as the light radiates upward to the cosmos.  As you experience this warmth, invoke your higher self asking that the bubble of luminous light be permanently installed within your center allowing only the highest frequency of energy consciousness to be allowed within.  In deep gratitude, give thanks for it being installed. If you have cords, imprints, in your energy the shield will assist in dissolving them.  Some may dissolve on their own, however, some will need to be consciously released by your own being.

The gift is that this simple technique is very much like giving you an upgrade as you sync up with the Universe.  It cleanses and purifies the energy so that you can restore your own matrix to its highest possible frequency.  As we go through these steps of “syncing” our energy matrix with the Universe, and you actively participate in your own process, you will discover the same magic you see in others.  You will find your own source of true authentic power and begin to live that luminous magical life you desire.

Originally posted December 22, 2011