You wake up in the morning, you feel so rested, (Disney new day music playing in the distance), the birdies are singing, you take a deep breath and tell yourself, “Today will be a good day!” Fast forward, you are at work you fire up your computer and behold! a message that you didn’t expect! Buzz KILL!!! Seems the completion of a certain project was not up to par, according to this ever mean person’s editorial. Your blood pressure starts to rise, sweat beads up on your forehead, you feel your face flush, your hands start to shake. You want to storm into this author’s office and just blurt out profanities, jump across the desk…. you know rest.
But you don’t.
Instead, you take a deep breath, think about the birdies singing, the smell of your first morning java and the beautiful family you have still waiting for you to come home to shower you with love and affection! Okay, I’m exaggerating! Or am I? I’ve had thousands of scenarios just like these throughout my life. Just last night, as a matter of fact.

You see, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, someone somewhere will always put a wedge in your smooth flawless existence. There are people who have good intentions, including you. Do you know of anyone who was liked by EVERYBODY? Newsflash! Not even Jesus Christ! Mean people are a staple in life, they are a given, a constant. It’s how we react to these people when they add spice into our day that will create a rubber wall shield.

Last night I got this very email I speak about from one of my clients. We completed a job. This same person a year ago asked me to do a job for her and I vowed that if I ever see her name on one of my job requests, I will turn it down. YES! It was that bad! Well, as fate would have it, she sends me a job order last month and I had totally forgotten the name! Ughh! Again, as luck would have it she made the completion of this job a nightmare. In short, a month later, no payment yet. I was so heated and had to have an outlet. In one split second, my joy was stolen from me. But instead of calling her voicemail and giving her the riot act, I drew the art you see above. It is Medusa. She holds many, many snakes on her head. Each snake tells her how to cleverly pierce pain into someone’s heart, day in and day out. She has piercing eyes. Eyes that reach into yours and captures your soul so she can take it and trample all over it to kill it. Her beauty seduces you but through it all there is nothing but blackness, rage, hatred and death.

Mean people suck! They will always be present in our lives. When they do try to take your joy, surrender it to God and bless them… no really, say it to God, “Please bless this person Lord, you handle him/her, because I can’t.” You will be surprised how that person will suddenly turn around. Oh come on! Give it a whirl! In case you’re wondering? I got another email from that same person this morning, apologizing. All I could say was “thank you God.” That’s it. She took away my joy last night, and today, God gave it back.
Oops! I almost forgot… Leave a comment about the special mean people in your life. Till my next rant.. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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