Everybody knows that exercise is good for the body, and the more exercise you undertake, the better the results. Exercise is also good for relationships, and studies have shown that working out with your partner can increase libidos and self-confidence. When we exercise, our bodies release brain chemicals and hormones that enhance the way you feel about your partner, installing a stronger sense of confidence in your relationship.

Couples who work out together benefit from increased stamina and also an increased ability to fight off colds and flu. Furthermore, healthy living also helps you live longer, and when you’re in a loving relationship, you want to do everything you can to keep your partner fit and free from illness. Couples also begin to feel more attractive when they work out together, and benefit from encouragement from one another. Finding the time in a busy work schedule to workout with your partner however could be a problem.

Time Constraints

Many couples complain that they want to exercise together, but they just don’t have enough time. In order to overcome this situation, couples must see exercising together as also spending time together. By doing this, couples will be able to reduce the amount of time they spend together outside of the gym, focusing their attention on getting fit and encouraging each other’s workout.

Exercising with your partner doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym. Sometimes midweek time constraints really hold couples back from spending time together, so why not look at exercise at the weekends? Cross-country running, surfing, hiking and cycling are all activities that can be shared with loved ones, and if you’ve got children, why not start up a new football or netball team? Reebok Fitness offers a variety of sports equipment across a number of sports, so why not take a look how you and your partner can benefit from exercising at the weekend.

Working out with your partner should never be a competition, and in order to get the most amount of enjoyment from your exercise, you should focus your activities around fun and enjoyment. Finding a middle ground for spending time with your partner as well as benefiting from exercising can be tricky, but as long as you find something that you both enjoy, you’ll be able to progress your relationship as well as improving your body!


Exercise is all about encouragement – some people are very self-motivated, and others need a little push. Before you start exercising with your partner or your children, make sure you find out what type of person they are in the gym, and what they are looking to improve about their health and fitness. Studies have shown that couples who exercise together tend to stick to their workout regime better than couples who work out separately.

Furthermore, everyone has an off day in the gym where they’re just not feeling up for it. During these tough times, it’s better to have the one person you trust giving you encouragement rather than slacking off and going home. The more a couple works out at the gym, the more they’ll want to show off in the bedroom. Couples who have the best sex life are ones that play outside the bedroom as well as in it!