The Market for Hope ~ Self-Help for Women

It’s always concerned me that there are so many self-help books for women.
Women Who Love Too Much, The Anger Workbook for Women, The Courage to Be Yourself, Woman’s Journey to Her Self, A Woman’s Guide to Changing Patterns, How to Find a Man…

… women are the main market for “hope,” delivered through books, seminars,
Facebook and the web.

Far, far fewer of these products aimed at men exist. Why is that?

Instead of being more in touch with ourselves than men, are we less in touch?
Are women more hope-less than men? Do women have more time to consider these issues than men? Are men uninterested in self-help?

Or do people like Tony Robbins market the same thing packaged differently?

In relationships, why do women take on all responsibility for change?

These are not rhetorical questions.

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