Failure Isn’t An Obstacle

The biggest obstacle to success for most people is the fear of failing.  Failure is only a negative event when you allow it to become an obstacle to your success.  Several months ago, I quickly grasped the concept of failure when I decided to explore a new and different approach in my business.  My first attempt bombed!  The second attempt was slightly better, but I still don’t get the results I was hoping for.  These attempts along with constant tweaks in the process showed me a new way of looking at failing that I’d never witnessed in my past failures.

Here’s what I discovered in the process:

Failing was a natural process for me to simply collect the data/knowledge I needed to try it again.

  • The quality and quantity of that data/knowledge was tied to my success .
  • The faster I was willing to accumulated the data/knowledge, the quicker I was able to  weed out dead ends and create the results I was looking for.
  • The fastest way for me to increase my success cycle was to eliminate the fear by assessing my mistakes and implement a new action.

The more we fail, the faster we learn and grow.  The word (failure) conjures up negative energy, concepts and images for some people.  Let’s say you tried something and the results weren’t favorable.  Now you are ready to surrender and say, “ I‘m done; I won’t do that again”.  Instead of giving up, use this opportunity to evaluate the experience.  You can step back to observe, tweak, plan and take action again.  This is the easiest way to look fear straight in the eyes; that’s what it takes to increase your success rate.

We also have to be aware of how our ego might be getting in the way of fear of failure.  Is your fear of failure tied to your status, finances or position?  And, are you more concerned with what others might think?  Life itself is failure-based.  We wouldn’t be where we are and who we are if it wasn’t for our own experiences and those from our ancestors.  So, fail forward…for it’s the quickest way to shortening your success cycle.

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