‘The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.’

I have some members of my family that have very, well, eccentric beliefs. At least eccentric according to western society’s standard.

During a summer in which I stayed with my grandmother, I started reading that various books she had on Buddhism & Hinduism specifically Third Eye Enlightenment.

Meditation is an essential part of awakening ones Third Eye. Allowing your ‘mind’ to ‘see’. Relaxing both your body and conscious mind. Being able to achieve inner silence.

Between the ages of 12ish to probably 15 or 16 years old, meditation seemed fairly easy for me. I was able to quiet my mind while still being ‘aware’. Quieting my mind even in the noisiest of conditions. It was something I would also do to control my emotions, and something I obviously took for granted.

Why do I feel I took the ease of meditation for granted? Because here I am 20 something years later and I cant meditate to save my life!

Although someone can not force their mind into a silent state, there should still be an ability to control the minds thoughts. Easier said than done! During my multiple attempts at meditation, my thoughts go all over the place. Even when I strategically try to ‘control’ what my minds thoughts are, I find my self thinking about myself controlling my thoughts. It is a never ending cycle.

Nevertheless, the ability to meditate with ease that I was able to achieve as a teenager is an ability I plan to regain. Not for the purpose of ‘Awakening’ my ‘Third Eye’, nor to conjure any sort of ‘clairvoyance’ (although it would be nice), but just to retain and replenish, what I often feel is minimal at best, my sanity. A quiet place I can retreat to among the chaos that’s often times all around me. I want a moment of relaxation.

Of course, I will continue my frustrating journey into meditation in an effort to discover my ‘Inner Sanctum’. Except this time, when I find it I’m holding onto it. Sometimes you never know the true value of something, until its gone!