“They” say it’ll get better. Who the hell are they?

Wednesday, 11am EST, LIVE with Vicky Darden, Susan Macaulay, Sue-Ham, Kate Reid and Kay Van Hoesen:


Vicky, who knows where?


Susan Macaulay

What is a middle-aged, mid-menopausal, cancer survivor doing traveling solo by bicycle around the world?  Vicky Darden asks herself that every time she gets a hot flash.  Wednesday on YAK we will be joined by Susan Macaulay, founder of Amazing Women Rock, and Vicky Darden (wherever her wheels happen to be that day).



Kate Reid



Then, halfway around the world from Canberra, Australia (can we say “G’day Mate”) we are joined by Kate Reid who in mid-life finds herself without work and wondering how, who and where she’s going to get hired.

And Sue-Ham shares how she turned her mess into her message. Having gone through divorce and foreclosure on her house, she’s just published a book entitled “Don’t Quit – Follow Your Dreams!

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