Paul Day, Guest Co-Host

It’s Thursday and the inmates are running the asylum!  Vicki’s still on vacation and Paul Day is sitting it as he and Carol tackle the top headlines of the week.

We’ll take on topics such as:

The Colorado Shootings

Michele Bachmann and the “Muslim Menace”

The Willard Romney campaign/train wreck and foot in mouth disease

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Witch Hunt on President Obama’s Birth Certificate and the problems he’s facing with the civil lawsuit in which he’s embroiled for racial profiling.

Chick-Fil-A’s Homophobic Issues and the Muppets.

Scotland defies the Church and legalizes marriage equality.

Even crazier news – the Mormon who confessed his sins by writing his own obituary.

Informative, irreverent, and true.

Buckle UP! And prepare to get BROADSIDED!

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