“In A Town This Size”

in a town this size

Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the 60’s and 70’s was pretty much like every other small town in America. They were family-oriented, church-going people with small town values and it seemed idyllic from the outside looking in. It would be years before they learned there had been a pedophile in their midst for a very long time and no one would ever have suspected it was their friend, their children’s doctor and a trusted member of the community, Dr. Bill Dougherty.

patrick brown

Director, Patrick V. Brown

Photographer, artist and documentary filmmaker Patrick V. Brown, himself abused by “Dr. Bill”, takes us on a painful, yet hopeful journey from darkness to light with his extraordinary and thoughtful award-winning film, In A Town This Size. His film shares with us how Dr. Bill used his position of trust and authority to become a notorious child predator and why he has never been and will most likely never be prosecuted for his crimes. Patrick lets us hear from the victims themselves (some of whom asked to have their identities protected), his own parents and parents of other victims. We seeyoung patrick the path of destruction left in the wake of this tragic series of events. More importantly, we learn how critical it is not to simply listen to what our children are telling us, but to truly hear them with our hearts. No one can see this film, hear Patrick’s story and not walk away somehow changed for the better.

You can visit Patrick’s website by clicking here and order the film on DVD or blue-ray herePortions of the proceeds from the DVD and BluRay sales go to benefit non-profit child advocacy organizations. This is the story of a child who was a victim and the man who found his voice and used it to begin the healing. We do hope you’ll join us for this incredibly powerful conversation.  Make a difference and invite a friend to listen in as well.  We stop this epidemic and change the way the law approaches this issue, one person at a time.  The friend you invite may be the soul that begins to heal.

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