In my business, Lively En Mode, I touch on every part of a client’s image. And much to one’s surprise, it’s the unseen and unspoken aspects of a business or a person that leaves the most important impression.But does one ever even give a moment’s thought to fragrance. In other words, what we smell like? I certainly don’t need to explain what one’s image would be if they actually stank. But what about smelling right and by right , smelling the way you should for where you are or where you want to be in life.

Fragrance that is floral in a way that spring flowers are formal might be great if you are under 21, but will be to one’s detriment as far as a power image goes.  Or a fragrance associated with a celebrity  who might be considered, how shall I put this so as not to insult, a bit tacky.

Then there are the opposites. What about fragrances so familiar and for so many years that they bring back memories of your grandmother or your elementary school teachers.

Certain fragrances denote class and individualism.

And others denote pretense.

Here are some great suggestions.


In a romantic mood.

A woman in a Junior position who is hoping to be in a Senior position.

A car pool mother.

A jogger or gym enthusiast.

Even trailer-trash has a signature smell…