Photographer Peter From

What is Sexuality?  What is Spirit?  Can you unite the two?   Would I want to unite the two?

As a society we have created some perceptions that have actually caused us to block off some of the innate abilities that is within each of us. Religion and dogma have taught us that even to talk about sexuality cannot be spiritual in any way, shape or form.   We have developed fears and phobias in respect to our sexual natures.  We have developed fears and phobias in respect to our true spiritual natures as well.

Sexuality is simply the power within the energy system of your human body.  It is a Divine gift.  It is necessary for pleasure, procreation, and energetic balance.  It exists because the Divine created the human being in that nature.  So many traumas and pains have become associated with sexuality that as a woman we have the conception that it is “bad”, “negative”, or “evil”.  When any part of self is negated, we become imbalanced, out of harmony with life, and find it difficult to express energy in other manners.

Spirituality is consciousness of action; a simple definition that has profound implications.  Society and religion has the preconceived notion that any type of spiritual abilities, including energetic flow, are “bad”, “negative” or “evil”.  Why?  Ancient texts share the miracles that have been happening since time immemorial.  Each of us have spiritual abilities.  We have the ability to connect with the Universe, with natures, with one another, and most importantly with ourselves.  We have the ability to connect with the energy of the Universe, the energy of nature, the energy of others, and with our own innate energy.

Imagine if you could connect with the most intimate part of your being, your sexuality, and unite that with your spirituality.  Imagine if they were one energy source, balanced and grounded within.  Imagine if you could transform the sexual energy that exists within, whether it is acknowledged or not, into spiritual energy to heal or to manifest.  What would you do with it?  What do you do with it now?

Let me shift this for those of you who are a bit confused.  A woman is violently abused.  She is raped and torn down emotionally.  Not once, but over and over again.  What do we as a society share with her?  Leave.  Get out.  You deserve better.  No one should endure that violence.  So she does.  But everything within her is torn apart emotionally and spiritually.  Her idea’s around sexuality are completely distorted and viewed as “bad”, “evil” and “negative”.  Yet the power still exists within her.  It is expressed in anger, rage, and perhaps depression.  There is no self-love, no self-esteem, and no self-empowerment.  She finds it difficult to connect with anything but the violence.  What would shift if she were to learn how to shift that energy into a empowerment of her Divine feminine energy?

This may seem extreme to you, but the cycles of violence, trauma, and pain in the female energetic system happens in even the smallest of ways.  As a society we are even trying to shift the menstrual cycle that is a normal and important part of the female.  We have pills to stop the cramps, pills for slowing the flow down, and pills that even stop it from occurring.  When a woman goes through menopause, rather than celebrating it we offer replacement hormones to extend the previous cycle.

What if we took some moments to celebrate being a female, in being a sexual being that is united in life?  We as woman do not support ourselves.  We spend our lives nurturing and supporting those within our life.  We are taught from a young age in society today not to love our bodies, especially not our sexuality.  Society tells us that if we do not look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, and wear a certain size then we are not beautiful and sexual.  The real truth is that the more we repress and negate the sexual nature of love the deeper it goes into our psyche and for many results in addictions.

A woman who can unite sexuality and spirituality can create the consciousness of their body as the holy chalice that is a vessel of pure flowing energy.  Life is created.  Love is created.  The entwining of our physical body and spiritual body is a sacredness that empowers.  It lifts one to the place of “I Am”.  Consciousness is shifted.

What is it that you are saying to your body today?  Are you expressing love to yourself in all ways?  Do you embrace the intimate relationship of your own sexuality?  Are you uniting the bodies of your true self?  Is your chalice flowing?

There are several ways to begin to honor your sacredness.  The first step is to begin to recognize your own true nature.  Spend time with yourself.  Intimacy is really In To Me I See.  How do you express self-love?  How do you express self-sexuality?  What internal feelings do you have regarding the uniting of sexuality and spirituality?  By beginning to explore your own true feelings without society’s perceptions, you can begin to heal the wounds, the traumas, and the pains that have kept you separated from the Universal flow of energy.  The energy is always expressed whether you recognize it or not.

All things, all peoples are sacred.  Honor yourself today.  Honor your spirit today. Begin to unite all of the Feminine within you.  Empower yourself.   In doing so, you honor the Divine.