If you’ve been reading my blog you know that a little over three months ago I took an unplanned tumble. Since then I’ve tangibly seen the value of viewing my body as “something I have” rather than “who I am.” I’ve contemplated this question before, but the accident brought it to the fore. Whatever your spiritual view of this topic may be, I’m now finding that thinking of my body as if it were a car – a car I highly value and one I need to get me from place to place – makes it’s easier for me to choose daily actions that keep it in shape. When I think, “I am my body”, all sorts of feelings I was erroneously taught about myself (i.e., my body) when I was a little child get in the way of my simply taking action.

The mini-Qs* I designed for myself five years ago, and revised now and then are still working. Best of all, I’m still getting a kick out of doing them each day! When I perform my mini-Qs I visualize myself working with my body as though it was my car; e.g., I fill it’s fuel tank with my healthy “protein pudding” for breakfast (I make shakes thick – like pudding) and I take my AM supplements and water and a cup of coffee. I fill the tank again with the proper nourishment, liquids and supplements at lunch and dinner. I walk it a minimum of 30 City blocks a day. I give it the exercises that keep its parts in good shape. I give it rest in it’s proper garage, etc, etc. I’m thrilled to say that my old emotionally induced cravings seem to have disappeared for the most part.

When my car gets a scratch, I fix it. When it needs fuel I fill the fuel tank. I put the spot you want it to take you in the GPS. I still need to react to what’s happening around me. If I need to slow down because there’s traffic, I slow down or I find a better route (okay – this might still get me a teensy bit mad once in a while.) If you treat your body this way, I bet you’ll find you’ll have less self-sabotage going on. We spoke of “detachment” in the last post. I find it easier to detach when I view my body as something I have and value – not who I am.

*From my book, “Find Your mini-Qs(?): Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! At Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond”