By: J.D. Bundun

Michelle Obama a woman of caliber, grace, beauty and pride

Serving a nation her country her people, united as one and divided as one

Nothing but grace as she present herself to the nation, the world apart

A strong woman alike, a category to celebrate in every aspect of her life’s work

Decision, decision, problem solving is a job in the White House every day

Service to the nation first, to a husband President of the United States of America

A parent, a mother that welcomes all children as one, with two of her own

A warm and charismatic personality she gives her all, a character blessed with good values to win ones’ heart

Devoted and faithful, she stands tall and strong mother in the White House

Next to her husband the President as his wife, partner, friend, mother of his two children

Love for her country she confess without shame, a great nation to serve, to give, to share

America, America, the foundation, the roots of her parents, a land of great opportunities

A dream beyond a dream, bigger than most, nothing less than the best to enjoy in America

Michelle Obama a woman, a wife, a mother, a role model to the nation, one of kind

Written in her book of life not too long ago unknown to the world, her story unfold

The First Black Lady in the White House emerged gracefully to take her place in line, a new horizon, and a great delight to the nation, the world apart

Thoughtfulness is a strength she is grateful for, her intelligence, her maturity an excellent gift to share with those near, and far

A standing ovation the world did give to the First Black Lady, and the White House welcomed her

A great shit in time to create history some more, history is made, a destiny, a journey to complete something new

A pleasant surprise to the nation world wide black women cried with joy to celebrate her good fortune

Approval, approval, mixed with disapproval, nothing to stop, a history lesson no one will forget

The hard labor and sweats of her fore-fathers life’s journey has brought her thus this far, a pride, a joy to the nation, one must rejoice

A dream, no not a dream, a reality to come true, yes, a long earned reality, well deserved, a people, a nation something new to behold

Cheers, cheers to the nation, the world apart let us celebrate Michelle Obama the First Graceful Black Lady in the White House, a future generation to come

America, America, God Bless America, “In God we trust.”


Bio: JD Bundun has been a creative writer for many years.   She has published one Book Short Stories in 2008, and this is her first Creative Writing Contest Entry. She writes from the inspiration she receives and from the spirit within.

She especially likes to write Short stories, Daily Quotes, Songs/Lyrics, Children Stories, but writing Poetry is her greatest joy.  She hopes you will enjoy this Poem as much, as she did writing it.