Category: Poetry

White House First Black Lady

By: J.D. Bundun Michelle Obama a woman of caliber, grace, beauty and pride Serving a nation her country her people, united as one and divided as one Nothing but grace as she present herself to the nation, the world apart A...

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By: William Hollingshead Sorry My pillow is cold with your embrace. You are a dove in a room full of ravens. I wait with bated breath Holding an olive branch. ###   Bio: I am William Hollingshead, an Economics major at...

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By: Marquise Jones Faith I have high faith, i have arrogant hope My faith is the only thing that helps me coop To understand i have blessings to come Even when i think the evil has won But sometimes this maze is to hard to solve...

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Time to Ponder

By: Teresa Morrow As I take time to ponder I let my mind wander Are you watching over me now?   I think of those moments we spent And how much it meant Do you remember me?   Sometimes I wish On those times we missed...

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