Who Do You Associate With? Are they Positive or Negative People?

Who do you associate with can be determined by your level of confidence and self-esteem. It can also be influenced by your attitude. After all, no one wants to associate with a negative person. I don’t want to spend time with a whiner or complainer!

I learned a long time ago that you become like the person/people that you hang around the most. And, I remember, back in 2007, thinking that I had found some really positive, energetic and motivating people that would encourage and embrace my business and my goals. I was SO wrong! Boy oh boy…was I wrong!

I know that when I became very clear about my business, i.e. who I am, my target market and how I want to help others, I have had much more success. It is all cyclical!  And, to reach that point, I hired a business coach that helped me develop a business track that, with a lot of hard work, was doable, reachable and sustainable.

Who Do You Associate With? Until I started Organization Direct, I associated with the people that I worked with in the office. This was mostly all ladies (who were way too dramatic for me) and just sat around and gossiped about the office or complained about things at home. It became hard to switch gears from the negativity and gossip to being “happy” that now it was time to fix dinner, do homework and everything around prepare for the next day.

Through Linkedin and Biznik, I have built an association of business connections that fit perfectly with my business ideas, thoughts and passions. The best part about these connections is that they are genuine and not phony. And, the interesting part is that they are not local to me. They are in Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennesee and Texas. I never would have thought that a Jersey farmer’s daughter would be able to build business relationships like this – and, my family doesn’t get it either! (So I just don’t talk to them about it!)

Of course, I’m not forgetting my very small group of local associates – you know who you are! You are the true Entrepreneurs who are focused and dedicated, business-minded and driven to success.

Who do you associate with that balances your day and helps you to stay organized and focused? The right people can motivate you, encourage you and (quite honestly) slap you across the back of the head (virtually) and back into reality. These are true business associates. Some of them are also my friends. However, we handle business first! I remember having a half-day intensive with my business coach. She told me, “You will hear my voice in the back of your head, like a smack with a 2×4 (of course, it will be covered in purple velvet!) She was SO right.

Who do you associate with that makes a difference in your life? If you allow it, others will affect our attitude, which will in turn affect the attitude of our family, spouse and everyone else in our path. Chose to associate with the right people and stay positive. This will help you to Stop Agonizing and GET Organized!

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct