Gift of the White Light, The Strange and Wonderful Story of Annette Martin ~ Biography by James N. Frey

As many of you know, beloved Annette Martin, world-famous psychic detective and medical intuitive, was recently diagnosed with cancer, and she’s no longer able to broadcast her show. This Wednesday, September 14, 2011, is your final chance to be part of Annette Martin’s Psychic World. Update: Annette crossed over on Monday night. She is now with the Angels. We hope she can hear this tribute show from the other side.

For almost four decades, Annette Martin has used her psychic ability, the “Gift of the White Light,” to help thousands of people in their life journey. She has helped law enforcement and the FBI solve crimes. She was the first psychic sworn in as an expert witness for a murder case. She’s been featured on countless national and international TV programs. And for the last year she has hosted Annette Martin’s Psychic World on Here Women Talk online radio.

This week, during her normal programming hour, Here Women Talk will present a tribute to Annette, her accomplishments, and her life’s work, and YOU are invited to call-in and share how Annette has helped you.   On this final show, YOU can give back to Annette. And you can hear how Annette has helped others, including psychics and intuitives who will be part of this show.

Dr. Margaret Cochran

Kay Van Hoesen

Annette’s good friend Dr. Margaret Cochran together with Here Women Talk founder Kay Van Hoesen will host this special tribute in a joyous celebration of Annette and her life’s work.

Mark your calendar right now. After Wednesday, Annette Martin’s Psychic World will be a treasured memory. This could be your final opportunity to be part of Annette’s world.

“May the White Light Be With You.” ~Annette Martin

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

11am-12pm Pacific (2-3 pm Eastern)

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