Awakening at Dawn, cup of coffee in hand, I mixed my Tarot cards and chose Three to help guide me on my path today. Before choosing my cards, I checked my e mail, and had a message from a friend, who was up too, unable to sleep because she was so excited over a brand new venture in her life. I almost started to do a reading just for her.. and I thought I would do my own first. My cards, I do feel, are meant for her as well.

My first card is the card of Strength VIII, “Mind over Matter” , psychology, taming the tiger.. getting through to people when no one else can! I pride myself on being able to communicate with “Beasts of the field” and stray animals and people who are often inigmas, mysterious and seen by others as unapproachable. The Strength card brings to mind David and Goliath, Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera.. understanding, empathy and an open heart are key, in helping another be all they can be. There is no need for Sword or physical power.. you can rule the world .. Grace does so empower.

My second card.. is the 3 of Wands.. “Ships coming in” .. or are they just setting sail? A little time and patience will tell this tale. I’m using the Tarot of the Pagan Cats, and this kitty has her tail “wrapped around her Wand” .. wrap your tail around your dream. Send your spiritual ships out laden with your dreams, prayers, hope and fruits of your labors of love. Keep your vision of hope alive.. while you’re waiting for your ships to come in.. continue to work, so your dream will thrive.

My final card of Guidance today is the 5 of Swords.. *My dear friend received this card in her last reading from me, on August 10. She was contemplating “burning a bridge”.. moving on, saying goodbye to one “familiar friend” and embracing a new companion she has come to be quite fond of. Her “friends” are business ventures. In my own life, I have walked away from two relationships that were detrimental to me. It took courage and strength to move forward, to open my arms to the Universe and receive what I need. Sometimes, in life we have to follow the Serenity prayer.. to change the things we can, accept what we cannot change and pray for the Wisdom to know the difference. With Strength , Vision and Wisdom, we can achieve our dreams and see our Ships come into port, filled with blessings manifested by our good works.

Many times our personal victories are bittersweet, in each cycle of our lives we say Hello/Goodbye.. Like the Seasons, we grow, and change. Nothing , and no one can ever stay the same.