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The coming and going and going and coming, and always too soon, at the SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD mansion of Nora Redmond is racing to a toe curling climax. Complete with the totally insane Nora herself, her swishy companion, Max, who tingles at the sound of each GRINDR notification, which seem to go off between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m. Moe Willis, who claimed he only wanted to cut her kudzu, but now we know is actually in cahoots with the Evil Betty Ruay, who stole Nora’s SCRAMBLED LEGS and became as wealthy as Sara Berkley.. and now...

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Jack Kerouac to help you through the afternoon (LIVE) The Colin Lively Show Fri., Aug. 10th 2pmEDT

50 years since ON THE ROAD was first published. how could we have known this would be considered one of the greatest works of literature. the embodiment of the Beat Generation. the world changers. the great songs. The Beat Goes On. Like a Rolling Stone. Waiting for my Man. Let’s Go Get Stoned. Max’s Kansas City. CBGB. Beatniks. Hippies. Bell,Book, and Candle. LSD. Alan Ginsberg. William S. Burroughs. NAKED LUNCH. Malcolm Gladwell. Jonah Lehrer. Judson Memorial Church. Marching to a different drum. Lee Harvey Oswald. lava lamps. truman capote. mary poppins. Bonnie and Clyde. (Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg)..not...

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Karma is a Bitch!

Karma is a Bitch! Think what you say or how you act before you regret what you do Know that Karma’s a bitch and will come back to haunt you. Realize that love is the ultimate divine, if not, Karma’s going to kick you in the behind. Hurt your family, friends, colleagues or pets, Knowing that you have zero regrets. Karma is going to get you. Say hurtful words that give others pain and look at yourself you must be insane Karma is a Bitch and this should be known If you do something bad, this you will own...

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month as well as National Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month. Although there is a strong push to raise awareness during April, attention to the epidemics is a year around event. Instead of posting statistics and quoting research, I thought I’d share a short creative writing exercise I wrote titled: “What does it feel like to be a survivor?” (of child sexual abuse). What is it like to be a survivor of child abuse? How does a victim L-I-V-E after being in the heavy cauldron of verbal, emotional, mental, physical, psychological, religious, and sexual...

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Creative Writing Contest: Submissions are In!

Did you post or do you know someone who did submit to our first-ever Devin Alexander Creative Writing Contest? Holy Toledo! We have some talented people in Here Women Talk!  The submissions are up and open for voting until midnight April 14. Vote for your favorites (click on the heart (♥) on the green line, directly beneath the titles). We received 50 eligible submissions 16 Fiction (HERE) 15 Nonfiction (HERE) 19 Poetry (HERE) The submission with the highest number of votes in each of the three categories will receive an honorable mention and the author’s bio featured on the...

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