50 years since ON THE ROAD was first published.

how could we have known this would be considered one of the greatest works of literature. the embodiment of the Beat Generation. the world changers. the great songs. The Beat Goes On. Like a Rolling Stone. Waiting for my Man. Let’s Go Get Stoned.

Max’s Kansas City.


Beatniks. Hippies.

Bell,Book, and Candle.


Alan Ginsberg. William S. Burroughs.


Malcolm Gladwell. Jonah Lehrer.

Judson Memorial Church.

Marching to a different drum.

Lee Harvey Oswald.

lava lamps. truman capote. mary poppins.

Bonnie and Clyde. (Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg)..not Faye and Warren.

sitars. buffy sainte- marie. helen shapiro.

birkin bags. suzy parker. daisy chains. haight-ashbury. stonewall. be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. gore vidal. chiffon pie. hettie jones. caroline cassidy.

velvet underground. keith haring. nico. carnaby street. paul morrissey. chelsea hotel. joe d’allessandro.

Donald Riggio, author of Seven-Inch Vinyl, will be joining me this week as well to discuss the impact of Kerouac and the Beat Generation on society.

This is it. These were the catalysts. We are, forever in motion.

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn…

What is going on in that bedroom where Nora Redmond remains sequestered with her stuffed ferrets and Moe Willis. Can Doctor Schaudenfreude be able to talk some sense into Norma? Should Max call the policewoman, Mother?.. I am very worried that Nora will attempt  murder again on the evil Betty Ruay, especially if Betty or Mugsy Balone catch wind of her new line of body slimmers called SKANKS, which could make Nora as wealthy as Sara Berkley.. as the whole world awaits the latest in the pulse raising and teeth grinding mini-series, SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD, episode 9.

Bud “Hoot” Gibson of the Calgary Roundup Daily Squawk writes, “a star is born. Susie Sexton, as Nora Redmond,  embodies the most thrilling character in radio since Ernestine Wade as Sapphire”. No wrangler could keep me away from the Colin Lively Show when Sheepshead Bay Boulevard is on the air.