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Is It Okay for Gays to Raise Children?

Is It Okay for Gays to Raise Children? Watch and Decide Many people wonder if it’s morally right or healthy for same-sex couples (gays or lesbians) to have children. It’s a common belief among many people that gay or lesbian couples are burdening children by raising them in an unnatural environment.  In this video, uploaded February 3, 2011, 19-year-old Zach Wahls, a University of Iowa student, tells about the love and bond of his family. He and his sister are the children of a lesbian couple. Watch and decide.  What do you think? Originally posted November 30, 2011...

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Christians Buy Chicken for God

It’s a greasy piece of fried chicken breast and a side of waffle fries. For some, it’s just a fattening meal from Chick-fil-a, but on August 1st, 2012,  people saw it as a ticket to heaven…or something. Thousands of people in the country went to Chick-fil-a to prove their faith in God, the bible, and traditional values. If you don’t know, the company is known for being focused on the family and they give their money towards anti-gay foundations. At first I thought the company started it themselves and they were giving away free food. Nope. People just decided...

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Suzanne Evans: Fat, Gay & Broke to Millionaire

Suzanne Evans: Fat, Gay & Broke to Millionaire: Wed., August 1st 11am EDT “Your checking account tells your story,” says Suzanne Evans. That’s a scary thought, and if it’s true, I’m in deep do-do. Action expert Suzanne Evans, business-building and wealth coach for women, joins me live online on YAK Wednesday, August 1st, 11am EDT, telling how she went from zero to millionaire in three years and has coached private clients to total revenues exceeding $8 million via live events, virtual coaching programs and high-end VIP coaching. To free yourself financially, she says, you have to take 100% responsibility for...

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Will the Real Diva Please Stand Up? Colin does Cleveland for Gay Pride

Diva Dorothy Bishop and female impersonators Robyn R. Hearts and Donna Maxon LIVE online Friday, 2pm EDT on The Colin Lively Show. Cleveland called me for the biggest gay pride weekend ever, and so my sidekick and frequent guest, Dorothy Bishop, NYC’s favorite entertainer, will be hosting. Dorothy is also known as Diva of the High C’s. That title has been bestowed because of her years of headlining on the stages of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships  She has regaled adoring fans on all the oceans. Donna Maxon Donna Maxon, “performance artist,” ala Bette Midler tribute artist, refers to her...

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Miss Universe Organization to Allow Transgenders to Compete

In the past few weeks, the Miss Universe pageant has been under fire for disqualifying Miss Canada from participating after it was revealed that she was transgender. Now, approximately a week after the decision, the organization is declaring that it is changing the rules and adapting a new rule that would allow transgender competitors to participate in the pageant. The rules will have to be approved by Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss Universe Organizaiton and a strong supporter of Newt Gingrich of the Republican Party, which is not widely known for its openness toward sexual differences. But now...

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Nothing Says America Like a Racist Bumper Sticker

With the presidential election coming up in eight months, there are bumper stickers on almost every car depicting whether they are democrat or republican. Some are about change, others are about focusing on the family (in other words, don’t let the gays get married). Being in the south, most of them have Romney or Gingrich (I’m waiting to see a Santorum one so I can rear-end them) printed in bold white ink on a blue and red background. There is one bumper sticker that is making its rounds across the internet. It reads ‘Don’t Re-Nig in 2012’. At first...

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