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Say YES To Your Inner Light

Say YES To Your Inner Light. Let It Shine Throughout 2013! I can bet that several of you are thinking different things as you read the title of this post. Some of you might be saying “Let your light shine is a trite saying.  What does it really, truly mean?” Others may be thinking, “I do let my light shine!” Still others may be thinking, “That sounds good, but how can I get my light to shine and/or know if it’s shining or not? I’m beginning to think that what we call our light is really our vibration.  I...

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What is Hospice? Not a Death Sentence, but a Chance to Live Life Fully

What is Hospice? Hospice is not a death sentence. It is an opportunity to live life to the fullest until you die. I have been a Hospice volunteer since 1994. It is my passion. To be of service to others in such an important and intense time of life is an honor. The more I give, I am repaid tenfold. The criteria to qualify for Hospice is a diagnosed terminal illness that if it were to progress at the normal rate, you would only have six months to live. To be eligible a patient can’t be involved in treatment to try cure the illness....

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HERE WOMEN TALK ABOUT PAYING FOR SEX Live! on The Colin Lively Show, Fri. Aug.17 2pm EDT

Roadkill on the Internet Highway I have a whole slew of nieces that I love to communicate with. “Uncle Colin, we don’t communicate with phone calls any more. You have to get yourself a computer and start e-mailing, like every one else does, or you are going to be roadkill on the side of the internet highway”. Then one of nieces, Michelle, came to NYC and set me up with a dial up Dell desktop. And that’s where it started. Thank God for Michelle. Because many of my friends who are my age still haven’t mastered even the emailing....

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Generating Joy…No Matter What!

Generating Joy…No Matter What! I added the “No Matter What” this morning. Here’s how I came up with that: I despise aging! Now, that may come as a shock, which wouldn’t surprise me, as my life is dedicated to creating getting older as a glorious adventure. I’ve written books, given speeches, appeared on TV and the media to inspire others to love and honor themselves through the passage of Time, using my positive outlook as inspiration. I’ve never lied about my resistance to the aging process. I often share how my fear and hatred of aging began very early...

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Is It Depression? Or, Is It Dementia? Some Ways to Tell

Your elder’s memory has not been working at full force for quite a while. But lately, she seems to be forgetting details more and more frequently. And that is not the only thing which is alarming you. She has begun slurring words and sleeping poorly. So, you are wondering, does she have depression? Or, is she suffering from dementia, or a loss of cognitive abilities, that might formerly have gone unrecognized?   Well, obviously there is no clear demarcation between these two mental sates. They can work as co-conspirators as depression causes dementia and dementia causes depression.  And they share many of the same symptoms.   However, there are some distinctions that can be made between them, differentiations which can prove essential as regards treatment:   Dementia is marked by a slow mental decline, while the downshift can be much more rapid with depression. An elder who is suffering from depression will still be oriented as regards time and place, while disorientation remains an ongoing concern with dementia. An elder who is experiencing depression might have trouble concentrating, but lapses in short-term memory are much more symptomatic of dementia. When depression grips a person language and motor skills are most typically slow but normal. However, dementia can impair not only writing and speaking but also motor skills. People who are depressed tend to be more aware of their cognitive...

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