Say YES To Your Inner Light. Let It Shine Throughout 2013!

I can bet that several of you are thinking different things as you read the title of this post. Some of you might be saying “Let your light shine is a trite saying.  What does it really, truly mean?” Others may be thinking, “I do let my light shine!” Still others may be thinking, “That sounds good, but how can I get my light to shine and/or know if it’s shining or not?

I’m beginning to think that what we call our light is really our vibration.  I have a further feeling, if I may step into the spiritual arena that what’s been called Spirit is truly an energy or vibration.  That doesn’t make it any less or more sacred. The force that created that vibration that vibrates through everything is what we’ve named the almighty. If it appears as though I’m lessening the creator by calling the creator a vibration, I apologize. I don’t see this as being less at all. I see it as the force that runs through everything including us.  We can connect to it. How to let that force radiate from us as we go through our life is what I mean when I say to let your light shine.   Just like every tiny cell in our body has a purpose for our life I’ve come to see that each of us has a purpose in the life of our planet. Our planet, in turn has a purpose in the life of our solar system, which, in turn, has a purpose in the life of our Galaxy, which, in turn, has a purpose in the life of our Universe, which in turn has a purpose in the life of all existence.

I’m not a licensed minister or spiritual teacher, however I do go to several spiritual classes and belong to spiritual groups.  These thoughts started coming into my mind a lot in 2012. In 2013 my major goal is to keep these thoughts in mind as I make my day-to-day choices.

What does letting our light shine mean? I see it as allowing our true self, the self that was born into the world  – without all the false additions that we’ve been wrongly taught to add on to it  – to come forth and make our contribution to the world.  Most of the wrong teachings we’ve gotten were presented to us by well meaning people who were, in turn, taught to teach wrong things.  So, we can drop our past notions and forgive ourselves for any errors of judgment we may have made.  The next step is to think about who we truly are and why we came to earth and say YES to any decision that goes along with our purpose for being here. It can take a while to figure out what our specific contribution is meant to be, but I think it’s worth taking the time to think about it.  I have a feeling that if we relax for a while and let the answers naturally come into our brain we’ll discover our purpose.   We do have to grasp the truth that we are good. We’re better than good. We’re each great.

I very often use the quote attributed to Michelangelo Buonarroti when he was asked how he sculpted a statue as beautiful as David. I believe I used his quote in a previous post for Here Women Talk.  It’s worth repeating. He said, “I chipped away all that wasn’t David.” You merely need to chip away all that isn’t you! You are beautiful, wise and wonderful! Clear away all of the false teachings and beliefs and your star will shine out!

By the way, It can help greatly to have your visual image analyzed. Is this a pitch? Yes – because I know that it will help you.  It sure helped me!  It’s the simplest part of “who you are” to analyze. Systems have been created that work well, to uncover your true visual image.  That’s how people first “get” you.  We’re each born with a visual image. They’re all good! If you need to be in a wheelchair – then a person in a wheel chair is a beautiful image for you. There are no “ugly” natural images. I’ll repeat that: “There are no “ugly” natural images”! They’re all beautiful. “The Scream”, as you may know,  is a piece of art that’s worth a fortune!  Edvard Munch’s painting recently sold at auction for a record-breaking $119.9 million!  I don’t think anyone would call it “pretty”. Pretty is just one type of beautiful.

Next post I’ll speak about ways to discover other areas of your life to study in terms of finding out how the “true you” can let its light shine in other areas than image. The more you know about your true self the more you can say YES to YOU … to be continued in February.