Roadkill on the Internet Highway

I have a whole slew of nieces that I love to communicate with. “Uncle Colin, we don’t communicate with phone calls any more. You have to get yourself a computer and start e-mailing, like every one else does, or you are going to be roadkill on the side of the internet highway”. Then one of nieces, Michelle, came to NYC and set me up with a dial up Dell desktop. And that’s where it started. Thank God for Michelle. Because many of my friends who are my age still haven’t mastered even the emailing. Or if they forward jokes about getting older, the biggest joke of all is the  one that includes all their friends email addresses, and all their friends before them, and all their friends before them. Now, quite frankly, phone calls with idle chit-chat drive me absolutely out of my mind. They come in from out of nowhere. Stop action. Have become a major source of irritation for me. Like a sudden thunderstorm and you forgot to close the windows.

Kayla Zerby, vice president of  Morris + King Company, a digitally-active and technically-savvy public relations professional  with a proven track record in helping clients secure and leverage earned media to reach key audiences.

Kayla is one of my young gurus guiding me through the internet mega-highway. Thanks to Kayla, I now Instagram and Tumbl on Tumblr.

Kayla is going to be talking to me about how the different communication mediums are frustrating to all of us. Kids today don’t like to write with their hands. And they don’t like to talk on the phone. Older people don’t like E-vites.

Media savvy Kayla going to be talking with The Colin Lively Show about the common misconceptions surrounding social media, and how the older generations can learn to communicate with Generation Y’ers, also known as the Millennials, and long lost friends. Let’s get one thing straight, things never move backwards, everything is constantly moving forward; so, yes, The Boomers need to learn to communicate with today’s mediums, not the other way around. Put down your plume pens… and let’s get our generation off the internet side roads and onto the internet mega-highway!

Welcome Back to Week Ten of Sheepshead Bay Boulevard!

Nora is so in love. Madly in love with Moe Willis. Moe Willis only wanted to cut her  kudzu for some loose change. Or did he? Seems that the Evil Betty Ruay may be in cahoots with Moe. The last time a man double crossed Nora Redmond, there was nothing to be found, except a finger with a ring on it. No way to know whose finger it was, but some suspicion was cast on Nora. Nora has stopped taking her lamictal, and is a perfect markswoman. There is a Saturday Night Special in her Louis IV night stand. And she has stopped taking her lamictal. This week’s wild roller coaster ride continues with Episode 10 of our 13-week series. As we build toward a crashing climax, listeners from all over the world have gone simply mad for Sheepshead Bay Boulevard.


The pink light district has arrived.

Sometimes when a girl just wants to have fun, she just wants to pay for it.

No lies.

No expectations.

No your-place-or-mine.

All she needs is a French massage at the Velvet Moon spa and she’s good to go . . .

until a sociopathic employee bent on revenge puts the Moon’s reputable

(and famous) clientele in danger.

A new twist on the oldest profession, PAYING FOR IT explores the ins and outs of a decadent secret world with plenty of gender-bending mischief and forbidden love.



L. N. Vidal would like to say: “The novel was written during an extended stay on the island of Mauritius. The seed it grew from was having the same dream that catapults Anna on her gender-bending journey. At first, I did not know what to think but let my muse guide me.”


“I identify the most with the intersex character Raye. We may all be different on the outside, but inside we are the same. We want to be loved for who we are. It is my hope that this novel opens minds and hearts in a loving way toward those who defy categorization and for all pleasure professionals (let’s eliminate the word “prostitute” please). Like the character Maty Garcia, I wouldn’t mind seeing a pink light district in my neighborhood. Whether I would go there is irrelevant. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.”


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