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Thinspiration – A Cultural Thing

Thinspiration – A Cultural Thing This past year, I did a thesis project on how Western culture has spread serial murder. I figured that if Western culture could spread capitalism, it could also spread serial murder. But a newly named way of thinking called “thinspriation” appears to have also been spread by current Western thinking and every woman has thought and still thinks about being thin. The women of Western culture like to portray themselves as independent women who do not have to fear their governments, the male population, or their security in their society; yet, the women of...

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Miss Universe Organization to Allow Transgenders to Compete

In the past few weeks, the Miss Universe pageant has been under fire for disqualifying Miss Canada from participating after it was revealed that she was transgender. Now, approximately a week after the decision, the organization is declaring that it is changing the rules and adapting a new rule that would allow transgender competitors to participate in the pageant. The rules will have to be approved by Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss Universe Organizaiton and a strong supporter of Newt Gingrich of the Republican Party, which is not widely known for its openness toward sexual differences. But now...

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Happy Easter? (Warning: Graphic Image)

Easter is a time to remember the sacrifices Jesus made for us, but what kind of message do churches want to send? I received a postcard in the mail from a local church, The Rock. It was supposed to be an invitation to this year’s Easter celebration at The Rock, but the front of the postcard was more than disturbing. See below. Right? What am I supposed to do with this message? I understand that the Easter Bunny has absolutely zip nada on Jesus, but I don’t need to see that kind of image. What if I had children...

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Capriz: When You’re Here, You’re Our Guest

I never call a manager over for good service. I’ve seen my parents tell managers how great or poor their service was when we dine out, but I’ve never felt the need to call a manager over to my table to tell him or her how wonderful my dining experience was until I went to Capriz. Capriz is an Italian restaurant often considered the sister restaurant to Rioz. As I’ve never been to Rioz, this doesn’t mean much to me. I purchased a coupon from, $35 for $50 at Capriz, to use while my boyfriend was in town....

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Direct Air Company Has Crashed and Burned

You may have already heard that the discounted airline Direct Air has canceled all flights until May. What you don’t know is that this sent me into a frenzy. The first time I heard of Direct Air was around last year. My roommate uses the airline to fly from Myrtle Beach to Buffalo, N.Y. It seemed like a pretty cheap and effective way to fly, so my boyfriend and I booked us a flight to Newark, N.J., in July. This was our first mistake. Most decent U.S. airlines have air conditioning of some sort available on their planes, especially...

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Forcing Your Hand: Joining a Race to Get Motivated

I’ve just done something incredibly stupid (maybe). I just signed up for a 5K race. The race is the Building Futures for Autism 5K Race & 1-Mile Dog Walk. I will be running 3.1 miles on April 14, 2012. Why am I doing this? I’m not a runner. I can barely run 1.5 miles outside (although, I can do it on a treadmill). I’m doing this because I want to be a runner. I used to be a girl who would eat Pop Tarts for breakfast, a bag of buttered popcorn when she came home and a box of...

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