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The Soul’s Song; An Exercise To Reveal Yours

Good Morning Dazzling Divas! I just emerged from the land of dreams and the sun is just starting to rise here in the land of New Mexico. While my body is still protesting loudly through full wide armed yawns, my Inner She, Human Mind and Energetic Heart are all pumping to go, doing a bit of grooving to a song singing within my system. It’s the sounds of my Soul beating a rhythm which I know well… my energetic body humming the melody… ahhhh it’s my Spirit Song. Have you ever explored what your song sounds like? Sound is...

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REIKI Healing and How it Works

Reiki Healing and How it Works Many light workers in the ‘Holistic Field’ are familiar with REIKI. And yet many of those who could benefit greatly from it, are not aware of its presence and potential. REIKI is a sacred Healing Art that originated with Mikao Usui in the EAST. It is a wonderful healing process by which the Healer has the honor of channeling the “Christ/Buddhic energy and the Healee receives this wonderful comfort on a Soul Level. The effects on the Soul level then transmit to the Physical Body and the Mind, and that’s where the magic truly...

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The Spiritual Purpose of Football-Does “The Battle” Fulfill a Primal Urge?

The Spiritual Purpose of Football On the surface the game of football may seem silly to a lot of people. Watching grown men get so involved in a mere sport that consumes them seems like a waste of energy. But the game and the subculture that it creates serves a very necessary purpose in society. People have been at war with their neighbors all through history. The conquering of cities and the resolve to fight to the death are all aspects of a primal experience. It is so ingrained that it is written in the DNA of many. The...

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Intuitive + Empath + Energy Healer = Online Readings

Live online Wed., 11am EDT, with Stephen Witte, Shamanic Healer, and Jen Ward, Animal Communicator, Clairvoyant and Energy Healer. Call-in for Reading! Meet Jen Ward who helps people find lost animals, clears energy blocks from past lives, can see into your future and your past. Speaking from experience, I promise you, Jen is the Real McCoy. I can tell you some stories about Jen that will blow your mind. Jen introduced me to energy worker Stephen Witte who has studied shamanic healing for 20 years including working with noted indigenous healer Alfredo Cairuna in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. Together...

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Rare Readings: Intuitive/Channeler Melissa Thompson & Shaman Medicine Woman Carla Goddard

Live online Wednesday, 11am EDT/10am CDT/8am PDT … Call-in/Chat-in for a reading (details below). Metaphysical practitioner Melissa Rae Thompson and special co-host Dr. Carla Goddard join YAK Wednesday for an hour of live, on-air readings delving into past lives, spirit guides, dream intuiting, animal totems, and more. Melissa, an exceptionally gifted and respected intuitive, channeler and energy worker,  has a BA degree in Psychology, with emphasis on Experimental, and an MS degree in Counseling, Psychology. She blends intuitive guidance and energy healing, creating Intuitive Illustrations and Channeled Reports for receivers. Joining host Kay Van Hoesen and co-hosting this week is contemporary Shaman...

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I AM…How to Choose Your Destiny part II

I’ve talked about the power of I AM a lot. I AM is one of the seven sacred Hebrew names of God. We are made in his image. When you say I AM you are activating the spark of God within you. When you say I am you are making a statement of fact. Its not I may, I wish, or I’d like to. There’s no maybe about it. You are using your God given power of choice and free will at its highest level of ability. As you grow spiritually the spark of divinity grows within you. You...

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