Jen Ward

Live online Wed., 11am EDT, with Stephen Witte, Shamanic Healer, and Jen Ward, Animal Communicator, Clairvoyant and Energy Healer. Call-in for Reading!

Meet Jen Ward who helps people find lost animals, clears energy blocks from past lives, can see into your future and your past. Speaking from experience, I promise you, Jen is the Real McCoy. I can tell you some stories about Jen that will blow your mind. Jen introduced me to energy worker Stephen Witte who has studied shamanic healing for 20 years including working with noted indigenous healer Alfredo Cairuna in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. Together the Jen and Stephen will join YAK LIVE, and your call-in questions of them are welcome and encouraged.

If you have any questions about your own or your pet’s energy, your health, your purpose in this life, your past, your future, mark your calendar to call in and ask Jen or Steve.

Stephen Witte

As an Energy Release Healer, Jen is able to perceive blocked energy in a body and unplug it or release it. She says some people are afraid of what she does, but it’s based on metaphysical principles, and rooted in science and spirituality. She says, “I see spirit guides and angels; I receive messages from individuals who have passed on and can also read animals. It is all about being very sensitive to energy.”  Jen releases stagnant emotional energy to reconnect you to your sacred place within, helping you rediscover YOUR inner healer.

Stephen Witte gives healings in the Shipibo tradition, working with the spirits of the trees and plants, using song, tobacco, floral waters and baths as well as the sacred psychoactive brew “Ayahuasca” to conduct ceremonies, combining them with shamanic and energy healing techniques gathered from many sources. Steve’s teacher, Don Alfredo, has a healing and spiritual retreat center in Peru near the city of Iquitos where people can be treated for serious illnesses or for spiritual direction and renewal, and Stephen leads groups to the Jungle to experience healing ceremonies with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines and spirits.

Colin Lively

This is a special opportunity to talk with two extraordinarily gifted energy workers. Mark your calendar, set your alarm. Listen ((LIVE)) online Wednesday, June 13, 11am-12pm EDT, at

And of course the hour would not be complete without some CLZ and our own lovable Colin Lively, sure to bring smiles to your face.

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