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Using an iPad to Stay Organized

Using an iPad to Stay Organized I never would have thought that using an iPad to stay organized would be so beneficial as a college student. Getting an iPad for Christmas last year from my parents was probably the most practical and helpful present I have ever received…I absolutely love it and want to share my experience. Here are my top 5 reasons that I love my 16GB iPad mini with the wifi plan to stay organized as a college student. 1. It is saving my back…literally! Using the iPad to stay organized makes my backpack lighter. It has made...

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Reach your Goals – Stop Feeling Like a Failure

Reach your Goals – Stop Feeling Like a Failure It is time to stop feeling like a failure when you don’t reach your goals. Last week I spoke to a group from our local Chamber of Commerce and this was the focus of the conversation. It was really about how to stay positive and realize that you can’t do everything! Of course, I guess that if you have a nanny, a maid and don’t work outside the home this could be possible…maybe! I’ve never had that luxury. I have always been expected to work hard – and there is...

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Getting Organized Isn’t Easy

Getting Organized isn’t Easy Whether you own a business or are a homemaker, getting organized isn’t easy. This is why it may be helpful to call an Organizing Consultant. Their ideas can allow you to think outside the box and get organized. Getting Organized Isn’t Easy. I relate it to raising children – it doesn’t come with instructions. If raising children and getting organized came with instructions, life would be great! There wouldn’t be nearly as much stress and anxiety in the world. What is the Right Way to Getting Organized? I think this is what stops people from...

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A Working Mom’s Schedule

A Working Mom’s Schedule A working mom’s schedule can be exhausting. There is just so much to do. Your responsibilities are enormous. What are your thoughts when you are trying to wind down to get to bed – at a decent time? What are you thinking from the minute that you get up in the morning? Feeling stressed? Finding Time to Get it all Done can seem like a futile task. There is so much to do, and we all know that we can’t invent more time. My family is working through a few time management issues in our...

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The Shortlist of Overwhelm

The shortlist of overwhelm can include the following: Wasting time trying to find something (even a piece of paper) Trying to do everything for everyone because, well, it is just easier that way! Everything being so disorganized that you just can’t function in your space An unexpected life-event that turns your world upside down Because you just can’t say the words…”NO”. Routines and Habits can help you avoid the feeling of overwhelm.  We have so many things that we need to think about, do and are responsible for every day. Paper Management System Wasting time looking for something can...

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Teaching our Children to Be Organized

Teaching our Children to Be Organized I will be starting a new school year in just a few weeks and would like to talk to you about our routines and teaching our children to be organized. Keeping after school routines It has been 20 years since I had a child starting Kindergarten and I have to say that my biggest concern is keeping her organized. An organized student has a greater chance of success. Even in Kindergarten, actually especially in Kindergarten, we will keep a schedule in order to stay organized. We have already started going to bed at...

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