organized deskGetting Organized isn’t Easy

Whether you own a business or are a homemaker, getting organized isn’t easy. This is why it may be helpful to call an Organizing Consultant. Their ideas can allow you to think outside the box and get organized.

Getting Organized Isn’t Easy. I relate it to raising children – it doesn’t come with instructions. If raising children and getting organized came with instructions, life would be great! There wouldn’t be nearly as much stress and anxiety in the world.

What is the Right Way to Getting Organized? I think this is what stops people from organizing their space. They don’t want to make the “wrong” decision about how to organize.

Do they have the right filing system? How do they even begin making the decision to get organized? What is the best use of their available space? When a decision can’t be made, it can stop them from organizing anything. Or, the other option is that since the area won’t be “perfect” no decision is made – and this is the worst decision.

Another issue – There are a gazillion organizing products available and they can cost a lot of money to just sit on a shelf or collect dust in a closet. Almost everyone that I meet with has all of the organizing “tools” that they need (or thought that they needed). The problem is that they haven’t been put to use. The intention to use them is real and relevant when they are bought…however, it just doesn’t happen.

Why getting organized isn’t easy is simple. We just have too much to do every day. Time cannot be multiplied and life will get in the way. Then there is the decision about exactly what they need to get organized. There are just too many organizing “tools” to make sense of it all! By chance, if they can set up their home or office with everything that they need to be organized – they will stay organized. Typically, however, they get stuck making a decision about what they need to stay organized.

Here are my top 5 Tips to Get Organized

1. Eliminate things that you don’t need to have in your space. An office should be designated as an office – not a family room. A kitchen should not have an entire Lego system in the middle of the floor (true story) .

2. Set rules and limitations. Even as young children, everyone should be held responsible for the return of items to their assigned space. It is when things aren’t put back into their space that they become lost and you spend time having to look for them. Limit the number of places that you do activities. For example…don’t eat in the living room (eat at the kitchen table).

3. Set a daily schedule and stick to it as much as possible. I’m a realist. I know that life will happen. However, when you work on a daily schedule, it can make life so much easier.

4. Don’t waste time. The amount of time that is wasted every day is amazing. Statistically, people spend 1 hour a day looking for something that they can’t find. Avoid this by having a designated space for everything.

5. Develop routines and habits for your family. When you all work together, you will accomplish so much more than by yourself.

Keep your organizing systems simple and easy. If you like colorful things, then, by all means, purchase colorful things to help you organize your space.  Remember, whatever systems you set up, you will have to maintain them…so keep everything simple and easy.


Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct