When it comes to defending those who have been sexually and physically abused, I’m usually first in that persons corner, trying to help them through their own personal trauma.  But when it comes to those who are framed and falsely accused- I get rather angry!

As of late, I have ran across a couple of different situations of where the person who cried rape, gets the one she or he has accused of this crime locked up in jail, then ruins this persons life and reputation.  The one who is accused of this, (in this first true life story,) in all actuality, never touched the so-called, “victim,” due to the young girl had lied to him about her age- when he found out the truth, he did the right thing and turned her advances down, leaving her to feel rejected.  She- on the other hand, got angry- falsely accused him of touching her.  The court system railroaded him- he was sentenced to six months, with five years suspended, (which, he already had served this amount of time while waiting for trial.  I must add, he was given a Court Appointed Attorney, who didn’t do anything to help him.)  Then upon being released, he has to have three years of supervised probation and be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  The biggest problem I see with this, is not just the fact of him being falsely accused and being railroaded by the system, but the worst and horrible fact is, this young man is just a teenager!   He was accused when he was eighteen- he spent his nineteenth birthday in jail.

Another case, (story number 2,)- a young man I know, who is in his early thirties now, was labeled as a sex offender when he was only fifteen years old! He’s still on the registry and will be for life.  His only crime was that of another curious young teen who wanted to compare their different sizes of  penis’- the younger teen showed his, and the one who is registered as the sex offender, showed him his also, (these two boys were thirteen and fourteen at the time.) The younger teens mother caught them and it was then, this young man yelled rape because he was afraid he’d get into trouble!  Now mind you, the mother took that boys word for it and didn’t take him to the doctor for confirmation- she just filed a complaint.    The court system in this case, also railroaded the older individual- he had to be on five years probation plus register as a sex offender for life.

What is wrong with our so-called, Legal Justice System?  Young teenage boys don’t quit physically growing until they are in their early twenties, but they are expected to act and be responsible as adults, thinking like a forty year old when they turn fifteen or the legal age of eighteen!  It infuriates me to no end, how other individuals lies are so quickly considered as the gospel while they have made the innocent ones, their victims.  They don’t only ruin the lives of these people, but their families as well- making it to where, these lies cause a life time of misery for all concerned.

The ones who are accused, tell their side of what happened, but just because they are the accused, it is an immediate judgment that they are guilty.  Somehow, society seems to forget this one simple fact– there are two sides to every story.

The ones who speak these lies, are the ones who should have a long look taken at!  If a young girl is putting herself out there to entice and basically beg for a males attention- why do people not look into her background and see why this girl is doing this?  If she’s sexually promiscuous- then why?  How did she become this way?  How long has she been sexually active?   Why does she feel it to be necessary to lie about her age while caking on the makeup to make herself look older?

Is it right to railroad these boys on biased opinions of all in a legal setting and is it right to label them as sexual offenders for life when they are only teenagers?  Is it right for the public defenders to want to avoid a jury trial for the accused, just because they think their client is guilty regardless of what their client told them?

A lot of these teenagers go into court and are naive of all of the legalities without knowing how this particular part of the system works.  They’re lost, especially without having the right representation.   It’s a time for change in the laws and a change in society’s way of thinking.  Not everyone is guilty of what they’ve been accused of!