Our physical world contains the existence of complexity that has been updated to many new and innovative technological components. We have a better understanding for the supernatural? Knowing that we are not able to visibly recognize energy traveling, it is known that we have stronger knowledge learning about what transpires after our body no longer is alive. Since society has accepted the realization that “New Age” has been open for discussion, realization that there may to some and is to others, that exists deeper than visibility. “Howard Gardner” an educational theorist, is currently working on his ninth stage of Multiple Intelligences at Harvard University. The stage is entitled, “Spirituality” “Gary Schwarz”, a Scientist who studies how the brain perceives supernatural information, has come to understand that there is something that exists beyond the comprehension of many human beings. Validation has been documented that selected people are able to connect with another dimension and that scientific studies have been recorded to determine the content of a human beings body weight. We now know that the soul releases from the physical body and enters into another veil. When Christopher Columbus thought the earth was not flat and people felt that it was flat just by looking at the horizon, people that would travel in boats to see if they were going to fall off into the sea with monsters. This is what people believed and thought. If other people felt differently, they were not looking at reality. Christopher Columbus explored this theory and went off in the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria and was able to satisfy his own knowledge that the world was round. This specific discussion whether the world was flat or round went through trials and tribulations of confirming that the world was flat. History was proven that the world is indeed round. Amazing what people can think even though they do not know. History repeats itself and we as human beings progress learning new ideas and thoughts and can be surprised when reality is not reality but fact becomes truth. We are consistently learning. There are two sides of the brain, the scientific and the creative. What we are trying to accomplish is integrating both components of the brain into one in order to determine supernatural insights. Many studies and statistics have been discovered based on the contents of body weight prior to death and after death. Statistics measured a weight loss of .0001 with two bodies in two separate rooms.   No matter what each person’s body mass weighed, there was an exact number that had been scientifically determined to leave the body. If this is true, then how can this be explained? Further more, additional studies were noted and again the exact number was present, thus we know that there is mathematically a significant loss in the body content even though a small amount appeared for all of the measured bodies prior to death. If this is the scientific and mathematical study, then we have significant proof that there is a loss from the body contents at the time the body dies. There is the scientific explanation to energy and how fast it travels. The energy is congruent to frequency and it is not visible. If we can explain specific validations as I have, then does that enable people to connect with reality leaving us with the inner understanding that there is something that exists but in a larger frame of thinking? I am not out to convince any one of what I have experienced, however, what I have experienced are validations and specifics that would not contain anything further on my behalf that life exists after death.