David made a request of God for a clean heart and a right spirit, for years I too have asked God to give me one. What really is a clean heart and a right spirit though? This is my meditation today and these are my thoughts on the matter.

A clean heart is one that is free of fear, animosity, bitterness, un-forgiveness, shame, guilt, anxiety and worry. It is a heart that has received the forgiveness of God and that turns around giving forgiveness to all, despite the injustice meted out to it. It is a heart poised to perpetually forgive and to receive all things coming to it as from the hands of God. It stands believing that no matter how strange or unpleasant the thing confronting it, God has permitted it and it has a purpose. It is a heart that believes in the love and mercy of God towards it and that the purpose of all things is good because God says so.

It is a heart that thinks clean thoughts and good thoughts towards itself and others. It is a place of absolute freedom, a place of rest, a place of peace with itself and with others. It is indeed a glorious thing and one to be desired.

A clean heart is like a garden with no weeds and refreshing clean air.

God wants us to have clean hearts and has made every provision for us to receive it. We are the only hindrance to accepting it from His hands. If we fail to believe that His word is true and that every promise contained in the word is applicable to us and that we can choose to stand on His promises, we fail to enjoy having a clean heart. If we choose not to believe that God would judge those who have done us wrong and that justice would prevail, we hinder ourselves from having a clean heart. The power to live with a clean heart is in our hands, it is the power of choice.

Enjoying a clean heart and living BIG!