A reader of Here Women Talk asked about Auric Fields and the defects that cause disharmony and disease in the physical body.  Here is a brief overview.

Artist Lyn Mason

The human energy field is made up of two major parts – the auric field and the energy (chakra) matrix.  The auric fields exist in layers, or as some call them bodies, with each layer relating to an energy center on the matrix. There are seven major layers of the auric fields.  Many additional layers exist as they extend outward into the Universal energetic flow, however, we will only discuss the three layers closest to the human body for our purpose here.


The etheric layer is the auric field closest to the physical form.  The purpose is to support both the biological and chemical processes that happen within the human body.


The emotional layer is approximately 3-5 inches out from the etheric layer and is there to support the emotional life of the human soul.


The mental layer is approximately 5-8 inches out from the emotional layer as is to support the mental (thought) life of the human mind.

These three layers are intimately interconnected with one another and with the human physical form of the body to support the various facets of the worldly life.  The energy in each of these layers can be sensed to determine any type of energetic issues that exists.  The remaining four layers become successively more refined and higher in vibrational frequency and thus more difficult to sense.

Energetic defects in these three layers can profoundly influence the physical, emotional, and mental life of the human body.  Left unchecked, various defects can manifest into disease of the physical body.

As stated, there are seven major energy centers (chakras) which correspond to different aspects of the human body and correspond to a layer of the aura as well.  For example, the root or tribal energy center is a regulator of physical vitality and life – the foundation of belief patterns.  This center is related directly to the etheric body which sets the energetic patterns for the physical body.  As you move to the seventh center (crown) each center becomes more complex and higher in vibrational frequency – thus is corresponding to the spiritual vibrations of the human body.  Energetic defects are common, and nearly every human has some type of defect in existence at some point.  The earlier the defect is caught, the less likely is that it will manifest into physical disease.

Every part of the human energetic matrix inter-relates in operation with one another, as well as interrelated with the Universal energetic flow.  Each individual part of the energy matrix has to be looked at as a whole, not as individual entities.  They all work together in a holistic way to create the health and state of being of the individual.  Effective practice of clearing and healing requires that a unified perception of the matrix be held in order to become a clear channel.


While there are a myriad of potential defects to the auric system and the energetic matrix of the human energy system (chakras), we are going to go through briefly the four major areas of defects:  Impurities, leaks and tears, depletion, and disturbance (blocks).

Blocked Chakras:

When a chakra center is blocked the upward flow of energy through which energy normal ascends will be restricted or completely stopped.

Any time a center is completely blocked, the entire matrix has a restricted flow.  The entire matrix is a conductor of life energy, a block prevents this flow.  This can be from psychological issues, biases in perceptions to emotional blocks.  The operation of each chakra is central to holistic health – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  When removing blocks it provides emotional, mental, and spiritual regeneration.  This can assist in preventing disease from manifesting.  Most people will have some level of restriction or blockage.  When two or more chakras’ are blocked, it can be indicative of chronic issues.

Leaks and Tears:

Visualize each layer of the auric field as a fabric.  When the “fabric” layer of the aura becomes damaged, the integrity of the energy field is compromised.  Leaks and tears are two different types of damage.

A leak usually occurs on the first layer of the aura – the layer closest to the physical body.  This is when a portion of the auric field is slowly dissipating (unraveling of the fabric or a wearing thin of the fabric).  This can create a loss of protection resulting in loss of body heat for example.  The loss of energy that can result from a leak results in a weakened energy and can inhibit life.  The leak can be caused by strain, physical trauma, or emotional trauma.  These leaks can only be repaired by strengthening the area.

A tear, though similar, is a more severe form of damage, an actual rip in the fabric.  A tear completely destroys the covering leaving an opening.  These holes result in rapid loss of energy.  They leave the person vulnerable to all the external energies that they come in contact with; whereas the leak is a gradual loss of energy.  They can occur on the lower auric layers but left unchecked can extend through the various layers of the auric fields.

Auric Energy Impurities:

Auric energy impurities are where undesirable and stagnant energy accumulates and can act much like a blockage to the free flow of energy.  They are “stuck” energies that create a static electric charge.  This static energy goes outward and can create shorts and unwanted by products.  They are often associated with faulty thoughts and emotions that are detrimental to the energetic health. Removing these static energies, in conjunction with the unblocking of chakras, provides a great deal of emotional and mental clearing.

Energy Depletion:

Energy depletion is often confused with a leak or tears in the energetic field as it is seen as a weakness in the energetic operation.  It is a lack of sufficient energy to give the entire matrix adequate energy to function. It generally manifests as a condition of low or depleted energy on all layers of the auric field.  When the strength of the energy becomes too low, the body, emotions and mind become less vibrant in their operation and become more susceptible to illnesses and afflictions of various sorts.

This depletion, which can sometimes be found over the lower legs or arms, is termed local energy depletion to distinguish it from the more common, and more serious, overall or global energy depletion.

Disturbance in Energy Flow:

Disturbance in energy flow is a condition of irregularity in the pattern of the flow.  The energetic flow has a set pattern, a circuit of how the energy should flow for optimum health.  When there is a disturbance of any kind the flow of energy becomes erratic and uneven.  This disruption causes a defined disharmony and is usually a global disturbance; it can be a local disturbance as well.  All this is not common, it is seen in many as chronic energy disturbances which left unchecked can be completely debilitating.  It is difficult to ascertain the cause as it is not associated with any specific center or layer.

This has been an overview of the auric energy field and some of the causes of energetic disturbances.  It is not meant to replace medical advice, but rather a way to incorporate a holistic approach to a healthier you. If you feel any of these disturbances apply to your well-being, please consult a holistic healer and/or energetic healer.

Originally posted January 4, 2012