…once said, it’s a students questions they address not their answers they reply.

A wise teacher once said, “We know our students not by their answers but by the questions they ask.”

When we were young and in high school, many of us pondered about where we should go to college and should the school I choose be close to home or far away, have a small student body or a large student body. The question poses itself as, “How am I going to get to where I am to where I want to be?”

The world during the high school years seemed rather daunting. I ended up endlessly pondering about where life would take me. As I began making decisions and working toward a path my pondering began to diminish and I began to live my life.

When I removed the fear of what will be, I began to walk without fear and accept the chances that were presented to me, every so often looking back.  Some people stayed in my life others became chapters, but I began to grow and develop ideas and thoughts as time during my life progressed. Looking back, it was a challenge but carefree and easy to make those decisions that can be difficult as an adult now.

As an adult, I began to recognize the choices that reflect who I am today and the accumulation of my choices and what came to me. I began to question the type of human beings we want to be, the desire to understand fundamental questions about how I wanted to shape my life all along. I began to think of giving more to others emotionally as opposed to accepting to receive and how we are received by others but not by making it a priority. Then I began to observe all types of people. I began to determine that my choices were placed in front of me and I needed to choose a path once again as an adult. I questioned as to why I had to choose a path when others were settled. Shortly there after, I received a call from a close friend who felt my inner concerns and he began to pray for me and each day he would call just to say a prayer. We can only give the values to our youngsters and then pray and hope that their caring continues throughout their adulthood. That they come to understand the meaning of true success within.

We can not expect that people even our offspring will follow our guidance but only hope that it is within the realm of possibility. Success is something that does not follow material gain. Those who dote on gaining all material somehow lose a huge portion of what life is about, in fact, they can lose their families and they can loose their materialistic wealth. Money comes and goes. Being honorable, loving and caring is what stays.

As we get older we begin to learn differently. We begin to view life through experience as though our wisdom will create better judgement. This all comes from life’s experiences and from these experiences we need to try to apply our wisdom to the future.