Animals Who Cross Over – Messages From Pets

Dedicated to Jill Aurland.

I recently received a phone call from a very close friend of mine who was in tears. Her fourteen-year-old Pomeranian, Madik passed. Madik’s unconditional love, brought laughter and joy to the family. He was ill with diabetes that finally took over his life and his quality was no longer what it used to be.

Those who love animals must understand that they do connect with us. Just because they are not in human form does not mean they will not be able to connect. In fact, I had a reading with a man who lost his cat in a fire. He flew in from California for the reading. His cat delivered messages that only the owner was able to understand. Just like I am able to speak languages when in a trance, animals communicate their thoughts as well. It is all about a shift in consciousness.

This morning I wrote to Jill, who resides in Lexington Kentucky and awoke with a message from Madik. He was assuring her that he was where he wanted to be and that was in his home. When Jill returned home she felt guilty that she was not there but was left to find her loving friend on his blanket near his bed. This is the way he wanted to go. I was also being told that Tosan who was killed by a car 6 days before Madik joined the family, the father of my dog that was gifted to me, Cinnamon who was murdered, helped to cross Madik to the other side.

Many times we experience guilt, why wasn’t I there. If I only had done this, perhaps I should have gone by his side. Do NOT beat yourself up. Some animals suffer, some cross over by natural causes and others cross due to accidents. They all have different personalities. They are part of our families.I do not like to judge but in this instance I have a difficult time with people who do not like animals. I feel there is something missing within their character and I only wish I could determine what it is. Some buildings do NOT allow dogs and they look as though they are dinosaurs. Again, I am Not judgmental, however, I think there is something missing, perhaps a cold and unfeeling element that is missing in a human being who can’t feel a connection with an animal. Animals are so intuitive, more so than people. Personally, if someone does not like animals, I tend to steer clear of them only because there is something missing in their character.

There was once this one woman who had cats. She was gifted them from her husband. He loved cats. He came home and gifted her with two kittens. When she learned that the cats contracted fleas, she went into hysteria. She removed the indoor cats and had them live outdoors. The house was cleaned and taken care of from being flea infested. The following morning it was brought to this woman’s attention that a truck accidentally killed one of the kittens. The one lonely kitten returned home on its own. When the mean lady learned of this news she was relieved to learn that there was less to deal with. As I have written in my previous article about Karma. Do you surmise this cold-hearted woman will return to this world? If so, do you think she will be a cat being beaten up on the streets by Alley cats? What will be the ending of this story?